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April 7, 2016 | eCommerce | Joanne Grantz

What channels are best for online marketing?

Your online marketing efforts shouldn't stop at your website. It takes effort to stand out on the Internet, and consumers aren't satisfied with just one method of contact. They want to access your brand through social media, email and your website.  You should use more than one channel to interact with consumers, but the best ones to choose depend on your goals.

What is multichannel marketing?
As Business2Community mentioned, effective online advertising is more than posting on social media. In fact, a Facebook profile is just one aspect of an online multichannel approach. Other elements include e-mail, your website and any additional social media profiles.

The point of multichannel marketing is to offer an integrated experience for your customers. This means more than using the same colors and other branding elements - it extends to the tone and language you use when communicating with your customers. It also means making your business available on a wide variety of platforms. Customers should be able to interact smoothly with your online wine store through whatever channel they choose.

Selecting the right channels
Choosing the right channels - and even the right number - is tricky. For example, large businesses in the U.S. are mostly active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to maintaining their own profiles, they also advertise on these platforms as well as YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services.

Ultimately, the best platforms depend on a business's goals. And, as Clickz noted, there are psychology factors at play.  Companies wanting to increase sales should focus on social channels, while those intent on building a user base should turn their attention to email campaigns and the company website.

Don't forget mobile
Smartphone and tablet penetration among Internet users increases every year. People are more likely to surf the Web on their mobile devices, especially when killing time or on the go. This means part of your multichannel approach should be considering mobile users. Emails should read well on a smartphone and websites should use responsive design to display across various screen sizes.



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