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October 22, 2014 | eCommerce , Resources and Tools , Site Design and Management | Joanne Grantz

Using Video on your Winery's Website

The use of videos in online sites is an important marketing tool across all industries, and wineries are no exception. Currently, in-store shopping is still slightly more popular than e-commerce, but this gap is closing all the time, according to a June study from ORC International and Capgemini. Seventy-two percent of shoppers preferred a traditional retail experience, compared to 67 percent who ranked the Internet in the top spot. Online shopping may surpass in-store purchasing in the next few years.

Because of this narrow margin, in-store and online experiences are starting to blend together. Traditional retailers are rushing to implement more digital elements to physical locations, but online stores need to incorporate parts of the in-store experience into the Internet. Video is one of the key ways to accomplish this.

Why video?
Buying wine is often a sensory experience - some customers discover a vintage for the first time in a tasting room. While consumers can't gain a full sense of the blend through their computer screens, video can enable them to interact with your product more than a simple photo would. 

In addition to providing a more detailed view of your wine, videos can help you establish credibility, Practical Ecommerce stated. Wine lovers, even those who live in more remote areas, have a multitude of choices online, so it's more difficult for one winery to stand out and win at direct-to-consumer sales. To succeed at online wine sales, you need to provide an authentic experience that entices shoppers away from physical stores. Even when shopping online, customers want a real experience and genuine interaction with your brand.

Videos can improve conversion rates and educate potential clients. Plus, they are often more engaging than reading a block of text. Videos can even boost customers' ability to recall product information or brand names because marketers can condense more information into an easily digestible format.

Putting video into practice
Video isn't just a passing trend; research has indicated that is highly effective for ecommerce website. In fact, 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video about the product and 46 percent may take action immediately after viewing, Small Business Trends reported. Videos that are well designed and executed can increase sales. Here are some ways you can implement video on your website:

  • Showcase your products: Have a limited vintage? Why not promote it with a product video? This can appeal to your target audience because consumers often enjoy seeing products in action, rather than just viewing static images while they shop. 
  • How-to videos: While this one may not seem to apply to online wine stores, you can use this type of video to further engage casual browsers. If website visitors are on the fence about buying wine online, a demonstration of how they could pair a particular wine with a new recipe may be enough to sell them on the purchase. This is also a great way to engage existing customers who want to see something new when they return to your site. There are a number of uses for this style of video. You can use instructional videos to address frequently asked questions.
  • Improve SEO: The success of an online business is partially due to search engine optimization. Videos are a great way to improve SEO, especially when they receive a high number of views and include keywords in the video title and description tags. Videos can boost rankings because they keep visitors on your site for longer and engaging content brings shoppers back, which is another positive signal to search engines. 


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