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May 11, 2016 | Marketing | Laura Lockwood

Use Instagram videos to sell more wine

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and there’s an opportunity to leverage its video feature to engage with customers and increase wine sales. Citing statistics released by research firm L2, Fast Company reported Instagram has the most audience engagement and highest rate of conversion from browser to shopper. Further, 92 percent of luxury brands that post an average of 5.5 times per week were able to increase their customer base.

Here are five ways you can leverage Instagram's video feature for your winery:

1. Inspirational videos
Customers want to feel connected to wine. One of the best parts about visiting a winery or tasting room is the opportunity to get to know the people working behind the scenes. Instagram can be used to develop a more personal relationship with customers by sharing inspirational videos about the wines, the history of the winery, the people in the tasting room and the people in the vineyard.

2. How-to videos
How-to videos are a great way to drive sales. Consider how-to videos around the following topics:

  • Pairing wine with food.
  • Hosting a wine tasting party.
  • Correctly opening and pouring wine.
  • Reading wine labels to understand the varietal.

Make the most of how-to videos by including a call-to-action that leads shoppers back to your website where they can purchase products featured in the demonstrations.

3. Behind the scenes
Wine drinkers love learning how wine is made and where it comes from. Take Instagram users behind the scenes of your winery and show them where the wines are aged and stored, where the grapes are grown and even how wines are bottled and prepared for shipment.

4. Contests
Instagram contests are a great way to build engagement and awareness surrounding your winery. Ask customers to post their own video demonstrations, tagging your winery and inserting a designated hashtag. Offer participants a chance to win a wine club membership or reduced shipping for a year. These types of rewards will create customer loyalty and keep participants engaged with your winery long after the contest is over.

5. Website integration
Increase sales by integrating Instagram videos into your website. Informative Instagram videos can serve as a valuable upselling tool and lead to greater engagement across all platforms.


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