Karin Ballestrazze
January 30, 2014 | Karin Ballestrazze

Understanding What Customers Want from an Online Wine Store

There has been a lot of speculation over how people interact with mobile sites compared to those viewed on a desktop, and the same goes for e-commerce. Your online customers have different wants and needs from individuals who enter your winery's tasting room. Having a solid understanding of these differences can help you craft a top-notch wine marketing strategy. 

You probably have a good idea of basic demographic information - your target consumers are obviously over 21. But beyond that, how well do you know your customers and how are you meeting their needs? Practical Ecommerce offered a template of information wineries need to learn about their clients, including marital status, income level, interests, location, profession and activities. Some of these factors influence shoppers' choice to utilize an online wine store rather than a supermarket or liquor store. 

There are several other considerations for delivering a great online experience. You have to uncover what customers need to know about products before making a purchase because it can help you provide the right information. In addition, why are consumers purchasing products from your website? They may not be able to find your wine in a physical store near them. They may be scouring the Web for the lowest prices or most discounted wine shipping. Or they may be loyal to your brand. Knowing this information can help you refine your value proposition.

Customer loyalty is harder to come by
The success of e-commerce retailers during the past holiday season highlights the growing importance of online channels and the challenges of running a successful enterprise. Some organizations may be in the process of refining their strategies to avoid repeating previous mistakes, according to Business 2 Community. However, in the new world order of the retail industry, it's harder than ever to gain and sustain consumer loyalty. 

Customers have higher expectations than ever before, and this makes it harder to deliver high-quality service and retain shoppers. Repeat customers are often more valuable than first-time consumers because there is no cost of acquisition and they are more likely to make larger purchases. Clients expect completely accurate online orders to arrive in as little time as possible. Quick, cost-effective shipping used to be a tactic that online retailers would use to encourage sales, and now it's practically mandatory. As major retailers rush to add these capabilities, smaller providers need to keep up with new trends to avoid losing loyalty.

One of the most important things for wineries to remember is customer experience doesn't stop once shoppers have completed a financial transaction. E-commerce fulfillment is a critical area where you have a chance to make or break consumers' expectations. If deliveries are on time, fully accurate and include a personal touch like a thank-you note, you may have earned a lasting customer. However, the opposite is also true: An incorrect, late order can turn people away. Your customer experience needs to be consistent throughout the entire journey. 


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