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September 18, 2015 | Marketing, Tasting Room | Jim Agger

Turn tasting room checkout into a marketing opportunity

Wineries have an opportunity to turn customer checkout into a valuable opportunity for both marketing and engagement.

As ecommerce continues to grow at an impressive rate, wine sellers face the challenge of tapping into an audience that still prefers shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.To do so, they must provide highly-personal, engaging in-store experiences.

Memorable in-store experiences shouldn't stop at customer checkout. Instead, wineries have an opportunity to turn this step in the purchasing process into a valuable opportunity for both marketing and engagement.

Data drives excellent customer service
Wineries can improve customer experiences in the tasting room by leveraging a modern, cloud-based mobile point-of-sale system to turn customer checkout into a highly personalized, valuable marketing opportunity. Cloud-based POS systems provide wine sellers with a plethora of data, including past purchases, wine club membership and store inventory.

It is common practice during checkout to ask customers if they found everything they were looking for OK. If a customer reveals to you that he or she did not find a specific varietal, use POS data during checkout to make alternative recommendations based on past purchases and preferences, or use the technology to direct the customer to your online wine store. By employing these tactics, wineries can increase their sales in the tasting room.

Get personal
Accenture noted consumers want a more personalized retail experience, with 60 percent stating they desire real-time promotions and offers. Personalization during customer checkout is a valuable marketing opportunity. Whether you're offering a last-minute deal that saves customers money or asking customers how they enjoyed the most recent varietal they tried, adding a touch of personalization will positively impact brand loyalty and lead to additional purchases in the future. 

"Adding a touch of personalization will positively impact brand loyalty."

A valuable upselling opportunity
Oftentimes, last-minute purchases are made during checkout. This is especially true if the associate checking them out is friendly, knowledgeable and engaged. That said, customer checkout is a crucial opportunity to upsell customers in the tasting room, and cloud-based POS systems can make this process much simpler. For example, if data from the POS shows a customer purchased a seasonal varietal last year, let him know the varietal is back in stock and asked if he'd like to add the wine to his purchase. If there are sales, deals or new blends available that are aligned with the customer's past purchases and personal taste, take the opportunity to make a recommendation and increase the order total.

Don't forget wine clubs
Wine clubs are largely the product of an increasing trend toward online wine purchases. However, wineries can leverage the tasting room to increase wine club enrollment and ultimately drive more sales. As Beverage Trade Network points out, a large number of wine club members will sign up while they're visiting your tasting room. The good news is that most cloud-based POS systems can also act as registration forms for loyalty programs and wine clubs, so customer checkout is the perfect opportunity to encourage enrollment.

With the right blend of personalization and technology, wineries have the opportunity to increase sales during checkout.


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