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November 13, 2014 | Marketing, Resources and Tools | Jim Agger

Tools for measuring online influence

Ever since online marketing has risen in popularity, companies have tried to measure the impact of their brands through these channels. However, many businesses are unsure whether online influence can translate to a measurable financial result. How can wineries determine the extent of their reach on the Internet? 

Online wine marketing more tricky in a saturated marketplace
An increasing number of brands are moving online because this is where the majority of their customers are. Even older consumers regularly interact with the Internet and social media. However, social media efforts make it notoriously difficult to measure return on investment, according to Inc. Magazine. There just isn't a clear link between likes on Facebook and tangible ROI, which is why many wineries may have steered away from these channels.

With so many brands maintaining an active social media presence, it can be tricky to stand out. As more consumers have created social media profiles, more companies have adopted these channels as potential ways to engage with their target audiences. Because a large portion of your target market may be online - and this will be even more true as millennials continue to come of age and develop a taste for wine - it may be worthwhile to enhance your social media presence and track your influence. 

How to make your influence stronger
To increase your social standing, you need to gain a better sense of which members of your target audience are most active on these networks. Once you have identified clear influencers, you need to engage with them, Business 2 Community stated. Web-based social media analytics platforms Klout and Firefox's Twitter extension can help you gain a better sense of your social media interactions and user scores. For example, Klout generates a score based on someone's followers, number of people he or she follow and number of posts. 

It's important to engage with customers on these networks to maintain a strong wine marketing presence. If people want to interact with you through these channels, you need to respond to positively influence them. 

Knowing the difference between social scoring and quantifiable influence
If you get started with social media and have some success with your number of followers and likes, it's crucial to not get carried away with these basic metrics. While these measurements do show that people are interacting with your content, Facebook likes don't directly translate to revenue. In addition, it's better to have a more engaged base of social media followers than a larger number. People who share posts or recommend your brand to their peers will ultimately be more valuable for your online presence. 

While influencers who have the highest number of retweets or shares from their posts may be useful for your social media efforts, the type of influence they have matters a great deal, according to a separate article from Business 2 Community. You need to consider the kind of connections an influencer has to determine if they're relevant to your brand. 


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