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March 4, 2016 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Laura Lockwood

Tips for optimizing your winery's loyalty program

According to Selfstartr, of the businesses in the U.S. with loyalty programs in place, 75 percent see a return on their investment. These efforts are a great way for promoting consumer engagement and encouraging repeat business. It is six to seven times more costly to find new consumers, the website said. However, keeping 5 percent more repeat shoppers on average increases overall profits up to 95 percent.

Statistics show consumers enjoy these offers as well. As of 2015, the average American is a member of about 13 loyalty programs, compared to 11 in 2014. Seventy-six percent of shoppers believe such programs are a part of the consumer-business relationship, and 83 percent said they made shoppers more likely to keep purchasing from a brand. Everyone from family wineries to big-box stores knows the importance of repeat customers, and Selfstartr only emphasized this point. According to the site, shoppers that return to a business spend 67 percent more than ones coming in for the first time. Imagine a wine enthusiast entering your tasting room and purchasing $60 worth of wines, then spending over $100 on their next trip.

Creating the best loyalty program
Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to get their own consumer rewards off the ground. Many require their shoppers to spend money to earn rewards, but Selfstartr found 77 percent of such programs failed within two years.

So how can wineries prevent this misstep? One way, said Chief Marketer, is to reward people quickly. Instant gratification is a surefire way to success, and although you can't exactly give loyal shoppers a gift with every bottle, you can reduce the time it takes for them to see a payoff.

That quick reward should relate to your consumers' interests in some way. Wine enthusiasts place a high priority on quality and exclusivity, so you might offer discounts on your more premium bottles or give loyalty members first access to a new wine. As Chief Marketer noted, these clients want to be recognized independently from the rest of your customers. They're consistently buying your product, and they want their efforts to be acknowledged. Be sure to treat them as the valued customers they are.

Ultimately, a good loyalty program is easy to use. Becoming a member shouldn't be difficult, and wineries should allow shoppers to earn rewards through simple, everyday purchases. With proper incentives and a quick turnaround, wineries can ensure their customers keep coming back. 


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