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April 13, 2016 | Social Media | Joanne Grantz

Tips for conducting a social media audit

A social media presence is an important part of communicating with customers. A tasting room only engages those who are willing and able to travel to your winery. While this is definitely beneficial, it ignores the vast market of online consumers, some of whom hear about your wines through their friends' social media profiles. You should seize these opportunities to engage new customers through online channels.

Of course, there is a point at which social media can go too far. Tech startups trying to create the next Facebook appear every day, and some are far more successful than others. You may be tempted to hop on the trending new social media platform du jour only to see it die after failing to gain widespread adoption. This doesn't mean you should be discouraged from trying new things, but it does point out how easy it is to spread a brand across ineffective networks. A social media audit helps pull everything in line, ensuring your brand is on the most relevant platforms. It also keeps your social media profiles consistent with one another so the customer experience remains the same throughout.

How to conduct a social media audit
Hootsuite, a social media management system, suggests the use of a spreadsheet that outlines each social network, the URL or username, who has access to the network and whether or not the account should be shut down. You should then evaluate each profile and see if it's accomplishing set engagement or sales goals. If not, it's time to either revamp the marketing strategy or scrap the profile altogether.

Next, make sure the content on the remaining networks is consistent and on-brand. Your username or URL should be the same on Facebook, Twitter and any other profiles to promote a unified customer experience. It's also best to use the same profile, header images, biographies and descriptions. You should then centralize who has access to each account. For security reasons, only a few people should know your social media passwords.

Marketing your winery online is more than engaging in a series of social media campaigns. You should periodically conduct a social media audit to make sure your profiles are consistent.


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