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April 23, 2014 | eCommerce , Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

Thinking outside the box with email marketing

Even though there are newer marketing channels wineries can employ to gain a following, email should still be a key component of your strategy. In the world of mobile devices and social media, email is still a great way to connect with customers. This channel can serve a variety of functions to boost the results of your online wine store. However, your wine marketing needs to provide relevant information for shoppers rather than annoying them with messages that are too frequent, according to Practical Ecommerce.

Email still works, but you need to update how you use it. Many consumers scan their inboxes from their mobile devices, and if a message doesn't display correctly, they may delete it without reading it - or worse, unsubscribe from future communications. While email has nearly boundless potential, it's important not to overuse a single tactic. In addition, it can be beneficial to let customers opt in for emails, rather than automatically subscribing them when they make their first purchases. It's also a good idea to allow subscribers to select their own frequency so they don't feel bombarded. Practical Ecommerce suggested using brief surveys to determine how customers perceive your marketing efforts.

Here are several ways that you can utilize email in more modern ways:

1. Back in stock alerts
It's frustrating for customers when they visit your website with a certain wine in mind only to discover it's out of stock. Some retailers use back in stock emails to notify customers when they have the product in inventory again, Multichannel Merchant stated. These messages typically see high open rates and good conversion. When an item is out of stock, you can offer shoppers the option to be notified when it returns. If the product won't be available again, you can extend a sincere apology and offer suggestions of wines customers may like instead based on their interests. Not only do back in stock notifications increase shopper satisfaction, but they build your email database as well.

2. Personalization
The days of mass email blasts are long gone. Personalization is the running trend in email marketing, and it should not be ignored, Practical Ecommerce said. Customers only want to receive relevant information and offers from brands. Technology has caught up, enabling wineries to cater to customer preferences, including shopping behaviors, profiles and previous purchases. Personalization can keep customers engaged with your marketing in the long term.

3. Shopping cart abandonment emails
Email has a wide variety of roles in the ecommerce world. Many online merchants are plagued by shopping cart abandonment. A large number of transactions are never completed, and retailers can lose a lot of money. While shopping cart abandonment can be an indication that there are deep flaws in winery websites, people interact with ecommerce platforms in different ways. Some people will use the basket to browse while they compare prices on different sites or place items in the cart to remember for later. Often, shoppers will forget that they stored items in the cart, which means sending an email can remind them to return to your site and finish the transaction.

4. Responsive Web design
Because of the wide adoption of mobile devices, many retailers have struggled to reach customers across different channels. Consumers don't have patience for emails that don't display on mobile. However, there's no guarantee what device they will use to read email. Responsive Web design adapts to the device, ensuring each recipient gets the same functionality. This keeps email consistent for all users, and it can potentially prevent people from unsubscribing.


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John Smith
@ Jun 24, 2014 at 10:02 PM
I really want to thank you Sheri. The information provided in the above post is very important for the email marketing professionals as well as for those who are utilizing email marketing services. Thanks again and please keep it up....

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