Terry Hegarty
January 29, 2014 | Terry Hegarty

Boost Multichannel Efforts with Telesales

If you maintain high sales in your tasting room and in your online wine store, is there a channel you're potentially overlooking? Telesales could provide an opportunity to boost direct-to-consumer revenues.

In a retail industry, it may seem slightly counterintuitive to cold call potential customers. In the past few years, phone number privacy has come to the front of public awareness. However, telesales can effectively place your winery's brand at the forefront on consumers' minds. Your message can be expressed very quickly, and this prevents your employees from chasing after people who don't have a real intention of buying.

Wine club memberships can ensure you have a consistent source of revenue, but implementing a telesales operation can help you increase sales further.

Telesales can make better use of client data
Customers have more ways to reach retailers than ever before, but it's easy for them to get frustrated when they call a business multiple times and can't get answers to their questions or have to repeat the same information several times. Telesales centers are successful at collecting and managing customer data to provide better interactions.

Many call centers have sophisticated technology that allows representatives to view records from previous client calls. For example, telesales employees would have access to order history so they could make a more personal connection with customers. In the new multichannel world of shopping, clients want to speak to winery representatives who know their unique preferences.

Skilled telesales employees can achieve higher average order sizes, and the calls can appear to come from your winery for consistent service. This can save you the expense of hiring an employee exclusively dedicated to sales. In addition to a streamlined customer experience, these technical programs can connect with your wine inventory software to ensure there aren't any gaps in order processing. Plus, representatives can effectively gather client data that you can put to use in future wine marketing efforts. 

Many of these capabilities, including data savviness, aren't possible in a winery's internal operations because there are too many other things going on. Telesales can relieve some of the stress of customer service and increasing revenue. As online wine sales continue to accelerate, wineries need to adapt to customer preferences and use strategies that will help them increase revenue. By offering this additional point of sale to customers, you can create a more seamless experience and boost loyalty. 


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