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December 9, 2015 | Marketing | Jim Agger

Should you market to customers using text messages?

With so many technological advancements that empower both brick-and-mortar and online wine stores to reach their customers more effectively, it's no surprise some may have forgotten about the power of short message service. In fact, Econsultancy shared data from Buzzfeed's Stacey-Marie Ishmael that showed the popular website garnered more shares from SMS than any other channel.

Additionally, Econsultancy noted Jamie Mottram of Gannett suggested SMS share buttons on websites will gain in popularity. He also mentioned his company has seen SMS share buttons used three to four times more often than Twitter buttons.

While these stats speak largely to publishing sites that produce shareable content, wineries also have an opportunity to optimize the shareability of content on their e-commerce sites by implementing SMS strategies throughout.

Wine and the power of sharing
Drinking wine is a shared experience that lasts long after the varietal has been purchased and the beverage consumed. People who drink wine develop lasting relationships with the product and often spend time learning about different varietals, processes and wineries. This sort of relationship is why winemakers open their vineyards and tasting rooms for the public to have a more intimate experience.

This behavior is exactly why online wine stores benefit from producing custom content like blog posts, tasting guides and informative videos on their sites. Wineries can take it a step further by incorporating SMS share buttons so wine drinkers can share interesting or helpful material with their fellow enthusiasts.

Beyond shareability: A memorable customer experience
SMS capabilities go beyond social sharing and also improve customer service. For any successful winery, providing a great customer experience is a top priority. Online wine stores can enhance these experiences by giving shoppers the option to opt-in to SMS messaging for services including:

  • Order and delivery updates.
  • Instant customer assistance.
  • Product re-stock notifications.
  • Wine club membership reminders.

What's more, the reliability of SMS means messages from wineries to shoppers will be received almost instantly. For instance, HubSpot cited data from The Wireless Association that revealed it takes an average of 90 seconds for the average consumer to open a text message, compared to 90 minutes for email.

A powerful marketing tool
Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of SMS to wineries is the ability to market to wine drinkers proactively. By considering loyal customers' purchasing habits and other valuable information, wineries can send personalized text message to a select group of loyal customers. For example, if a guest visits a winery's tasting room, the online wine store can send the customer a "thank you" text message along with a link for a discount on his or her first online purchase. In this sense, SMS is also another way to bridge the online and tasting room experiences.

SMS is a powerful tool many businesses overlook. However, when used correctly, text messages are extremely valuable for spreading awareness, gaining loyal customers and providing an exceptional customer experience.


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