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June 11, 2015 | Demand Generation , eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

Sell more wine online by keeping things simple

Making some simple adjustments to the design and flow of your website will make vast improvements in how visitors perceive your brand as well as enticing them to purchase wine. Here are some tips to help you stand out.

Keep it simple, always
Your store's site design may have some nice bells and whistles, such as responsive design for mobile device compatibility and flat aesthetics. However, that doesn't mean that your visitors are able to easily navigate through your site.  In reviewing your site's analytics, you may find that people get really stuck navigating within the site, but not ever adding wine to their cart. You should update the site to make viewing bottles and adding them to the shopping cart as smooth and quick as possible, as suggested by hosting provide Techark Solutions.

Make everything accessible
When selling wine online, there are limits to what you can do. This is especially the case when it comes to major matters such as state compliance laws. A knowledgeable customer is a happy customer, and results in stress-free transactions. Giving people the right information on whether they're allowed to make their purchases, as well as what shipping charges to expect, will increase consumer trust, as Inc. Magazine notes. As a consequence, you should have direct links to every important store policy, and all of them should be one click away for the consumer.
Make the payment process painless and secure
As for the payment process, you should offer options such as one-click checkout, guest registration and persistent shopping carts. Anything that simplifies the process of payment will be a boon to consumers. In addition, you should provide as many options to pay as possible. Remove all barriers to completing the transaction.

Open the lines of communication
Even with the best site layout and functionality, mishaps do occur.  From data entry mistakes to missing information. You want your customers to stay happy by delivering an optimal experience, and to help fix their problems when they don't. Keeping the support lines open will help you do that. However, customers can’t be helped if they don't know how to contact you. Make sure you have a link on all pages that directs people to your contact information. That page should be filled with all the numbers, email addresses and other ways of reaching out that will guarantee visitors will be heard.

Promote your site as often as you can
While you may have ideal online wine store, do your patrons know about it? Do people who visit your tasting room have an idea that they could possibly purchase wine online? Promote your site person-to-person, in social media and email marketing.


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