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June 17, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping | Jim Agger

Seamless delivery willl keep customers coming back

When shipping wine to your club members, there's more to think about than a simple trip to the post office. Businesses need to take a streamlined approach to fulfilling orders. Here are a few ways to ensure simple, seamless delivery to your customers.

Keep delivery times and shipping costs low
Customers expect shipping incentives with their online purchases. In addition to saving money, customers have come to except speedy delivery of online purchases. Your shoppers are excited about their wine, and look forward to receiving them. That excitement can deflate if they're waiting too long for their parcel to arrive. While it's important to choose a shipping method that keeps freight costs low, you don't want to sacrifice expedient delivery.

Use the correct measurements
Automated quotes rely on accurate data. Direct-to-consumer wineries should take care to correctly enter package specifications and update any changes in dimensions, noted Internet Retailer. Otherwise, businesses risk misquoting shipping costs and setting customers up for unpleasant surprises. Shoppers are likely to cancel their orders if they're surprised by unexpected freight charges.

Choose the right packaging
Packaging choices matter, as every component can impact product integrity and delivery costs. Shipping prices will be less expensive with smaller, lighter packages. However, bottles that arrive broken, corked or otherwise damaged incur more costs in the long run. Shipping wine does incur the added cost of protective packaging, but packing wine well will save in the long run in reduced breakage.  The key is to reduce packaging costs if possible, without risking the integrity of the wine.

Audit your shipping choices
Packaging requirements differ across carriers, so pay attention to which shipping options most suit the needs of each type of order. In addition to taking care of consumer needs, look for ways to save on your own overhead costs. Some carriers offer partial refunds for the total shipping costs of online merchants. If you take a look at your costs over the long-term and follow up with carriers, you could be in for some pleasant surprises. Remember, if you save money on shipping, then so will your customers. This is one of the surest ways to build brand loyalty.


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