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June 25, 2014 | eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment to Increase Online Wine Sales

Your online wine store could see much better results if you reduce shopping cart abandonment. Retailers may be leaving as much as $4 trillion on the table this year alone, and up to 63 percent of it is recoverable with smart tactics, according to BI Intelligence.

Research from Forrester revealed that ecommerce is projected to grow to $414 billion by 2018, which would account for 11 percent of total retail sales, Multichannel Merchant stated. As online shopping surges in popularity, shopping cart abandonment is gradually becoming more common. BI Intelligence found that 74 percent of potential sales were abandoned in 2013, which is an increase from 69 percent in 2011. As more consumers start to shop online, these rates will continue to grow.

How can wineries reduce shopping cart abandonment
Online purchase abandonment occurs for a number of reasons, but many of them are preventable. Undisclosed shipping fees are a major turn-off for shoppers. A simple step like being upfront about ecommerce fulfillment costs can stop some people from walking away from your site. Another thing customers hate is being required to register for an account on a website. First-time customers may not entirely trust your brand, and they want to see how the entire purchasing process plays out before committing to buying from you again. Because of this, asking clients to sign up for an account before they can complete the transaction may seem a little presumptuous.

Another reason required registration can be frustrating for customers is because it is one extra step in the checkout process. A lack of a streamlined flow during checkout can be distracting. Enabling a guest checkout option can encourage shoppers to complete their purchases without adding more time to the process. Social logins are another way to effectively avoid account creation.

Here are some other tips for lowering shopping cart abandonment rates while increasing online wine sales:

  • Send reminder emails: Everyone has different preferences and some consumers may use online shopping carts as a list of items they want to purchase at a later time. Additionally, people may browse online from their smartphones on the go, but return to your website from a desktop computer to complete the purchases. Sending emails a few hours after shopping cart activity stops can increase conversion rates. These messages have a high chance of being opened and read, according to BI Intelligence. You can send additional messages after this time because it can take some customers two weeks to complete their purchase, Multichannel Merchant stated.
  • Simplify checkout: The fewer steps in the process, the less likely customers are to abandon their baskets, Social Annex said. You can still collect valuable contact information for future wine marketing efforts. It may even be helpful to show a progress bar at the top of each page so consumers know exactly how many steps they have left.
  • Include customer reviews of items directly on product pages: Consumers increasingly trust their peers more than content brands publish about themselves. Including product reviews can help customers make more informed decision, and it builds trust in your winery.
  • Provide a wine shipping estimate: Having an idea of what shipping fees will be before heading to checkout can prevent customers from feeling blindsided by unexpected costs. Especially if customers need packages by a certain time, this estimate can provide a higher degree of transparency. You can include estimated delivery times and costs for multiple options so shoppers can compare. 

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