Jim Agger
January 30, 2014 | Jim Agger

Personalized E-Commerce Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

There's little doubt that e-commerce is revolutionizing how people shop, and smart marketers are personalizing website designs to help customers quickly find what they want. Personalized winery websites may have better conversion rates and lead to an increase in customer loyalty, Practical Ecommerce said. 

This form of site design refers to modifying appearance or navigation to the visitor's interests. Have you ever been to a website and seen a suggestion for a product you had recently purchased? Personalization aims to eliminate this. However, many companies can't agree on the definition of personalization, which can lead to inconsistent user experiences, according to Multichannel Merchant. Implementing a more responsive Web design can boost your client retention rates.

Organizations like Nordstrom and Netflix do personalization very well. Nordstrom is known for its exceptional in-store customer service, and the brand has extended this to the Web. Netflix excels at making recommendations based on users' viewing histories with advanced predictive analytics. 

How small wineries can implement personalization
You may find yourself thinking an advanced e-commerce site is out of reach because your winery isn't on the same level as these well-known companies. However, you can personalize parts of your Web experience, and it can create huge benefits in customer satisfaction, Practical Ecommerce stated. By taking small steps, you can create a seamless e-commerce site that helps visitors quickly find the products they want and makes thoughtful recommendations based on purchase history.

Navigation is one of the most basic elements to start with. You can show different shoppers varying content based on activity and the referring site. Separating similar clients into customer segments can help you identify preferences and create a more relevant experience without slowing the website down. Once these steps have been taken, you can utilize predictive personalization to make recommendations based on order history. This can help clients feel as though their needs are being met before they even express them. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is a master of personalization, and it recently said it could fulfill orders before customers finish making them, Practical Ecommerce said. 

While this extreme level of personalization may not be possible, you can definitely benefit by offering a more relevant shopping site for customers. E-commerce gives consumers more choices than ever before, and it can be harder to maintain loyalty if their expectations aren't met. Savvy personalization can boost your retention rates, which decreases acquisition costs. 


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