Karin Ballestrazze
January 31, 2014 | Karin Ballestrazze

Overcoming E-Commerce Fulfillment Obstacles is the Key to Success

Maintaining some inventory can help you respond to customer requests more quickly. Having the right amount of stock can facilitate speedier wine shipping, which improves consumer satisfaction. Some wineries respond to the threat of shortages by stocking wine in bulk, but this can create more complications. It may lead to cash flow problems, as well as issues with warehouse space when there's no room for new wines. In fact, the less stock a winery holds while keeping the same revenues, the higher the return on investment and the more significant potential for growth. Inventory is an asset. 

E-commerce fulfillment is a critical customer service tool
Tight inventory management practices are essential for processing accurate orders as quickly as possible. Having a user-friendly winery website will convince customers to make the purchase, but fulfillment is what sells them on buying from you in the future. This means you may have to think about how you manage inventory to create a better experience.

Nearly every online retailer experiences problems with slow-moving inventory. One way to avoid getting rid of this stock is not having them in the first place. By releasing small batches on a more frequent basis, you can keep your slow-moving inventory down, according to the source. Other options for getting rid of hard-to-move stock are introducing deal of the day offers with these wines or cross-selling slow-moving wines in other sales. Smaller quantities can help you be more agile.

Need other tricks to manage inventory and facilitate order processing? You can offer certain varieties of wine as online exclusives, Fox Business said. This can encourage more online wine sales. Additionally, you need to factor your wine club subscribers into inventory management procedures. 

Any e-commerce strategy should be designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Major online retailers like Amazon, Zappos and eBay have significantly raised the bar on consumer expectations for when packages should arrive. If you operate a California winery and serve a large client base on the East Coast, it can be difficult to fulfill orders as quickly as you can for customers in other regions. This is why it may make sense to utilize multiple distribution centers to offer a consistent experience, no matter where customers are located. 

Working with third-party logistics providers can also make returns and exchanges easier. Reverse fulfillment is important for customer experience as well. Similar to how fast deliveries are becoming critical for client retention, hassle-free returns are becoming an important competitive differentiator, according to Fox Business. Taking advantage of any opportunities when it comes to fulfillment will be crucial for success in the e-commerce sphere. 


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@ Feb 18, 2014 at 7:44 AM
To have a higher Return of Investment on inventories, there should be proper inventory management. The businessman should maintain only the enough stocks of inventory to reduce overhead expenses such as warehousing expenses. The businessman rather resort to e-commerce by having user-friendly website for client's orders online. E-commerce fulfillment should be in priority.

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