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April 15, 2016 | Site Design and Management | Lona Rudd

Could your online wine store use a spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, but the concept doesn't need to stay in the home. You should take some time this season to refresh your online wine store, and these three tips will show you how:

Find and fix broken links
Broken links are bad for Google rankings, CIO.com said. The search engine can't link one web page to another to determine the relevance of its content. What's more, an excessive amount of broken links leaves viewers assuming your website doesn't work and is not worth their time, thus increasing your bounce rate. Unfortunately, broken URLs are hard to find, especially for sites that post a lot of content with external links. You can use the Web-based Brokenlinkcheck.com or the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool to locate and correct these hyperlinks.

Update your images
Images are one of the fastest ways to get a message across, but they're also a great indicator of age. Refreshing your promotional images - for instance, adding behind-the-scenes photos or customer snapshots - keeps your website up-to-date and shows users you prioritize your online content, not just sales. CIO.com suggested that in addition to adding new images,  conduct an inventory of the pictures already on your online servers. Images that were uploaded but aren't live on the site simply hog storage space and should be deleted. The remaining images should be optimized for maximum quality at the smallest possible file size.

Determine a clearance strategy
Practical Ecommerce noted wine is one of the few things online sellers should keep year after year. However, if you sell any accessories such as bottle openers or stoppers, or if you stock any seasonal items, consider how well these products will sit in storage. Will they depreciate in value as time passes, cutting into your potential profit or causing you to lose some of your investment? Unless you're certain you can continue to get the full cost for the item, it might be better to put it on clearance. Then, let your best customers have first access to these reduced prices. Doing so increases brand engagement and makes your best customers feel special. You can send out an email blast to members of your wine club offering them exclusive access to clearance items for a limited time before opening the sale to all consumers.

Spring means summer picnics, cooler wardrobes and a chance to clean for a fresh start. Doing the same to your online wine store will keep your site relevant and updated.


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