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August 8, 2014 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Fulfillment/Shipping | Jim Agger

Online Wine Sales Set to Exceed 2013 Levels

As more states around the U.S. allow wine shipping to their residents the process of moving  products to consumers is a complicated and involved one. With wineries and the many wine clubs popping up, online wine sales are booming and forecast to increase and an industry magazine, Wine Business, found that 2014 online sales have already far surpassed the total retail sales  figures for 2013. So how does the wine make it from the vineyard to the consumer and still maintain its allure?

Wine shipping is keeping up with the demand
The Wine Institute measured the annual amount of product passed through the industry's direct shipping channel and found that in 2013 some 215 million cases of California wine were delivered in the U.S., up 3 percent from 2012. The report also showed that the estimated retail value of nationwide wine sales was up 5 percent to $23.1 billion. California wines also made up 57 percent of all wine consumed in the country, according to the report

How it works
Wine shipping is an operation that takes time and expertise to manage. A customer orders a bottle of wine from a club or winery and requests it be shipped to the home. WineDirect, for example, has two shipping outfits in California and one in Ohio to keep up with demand on both sides of the Mississippi River. The company takes the order and the wine warehouse goes to work. Careful selection and packing are used at the shipping facility to ensure no damage occurs to the bottles or packaging and WineDirect can get the wine packed and delivered within two business days in the U.S. only. Different state and local regulations can hamper the shipping, but delays and mistakes are relatively rare at the WineDirect warehouse.

Buying wine online can be a rewarding and cost-saving experience. Doing the research and finding the best vendor for your tastes is critical. Knowing the vendor has the shipping experience and track record to prove it is one way to guarantee top-quality wine, great service and a delivery process that gets the product from warehouse to wineglass safely, securely and in a timely fashion.

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