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April 10, 2014 | Fulfillment/Shipping, Wine Industry Trends | Jim Agger

Offer Affordable Wine Shipping Options or Perish

Just a few short years ago, free shipping was an added bonus for buying products online. Now consumers have come to expect this whenever they engage in online shopping, which puts a great deal of pressure on wineries. Some Internet vendors are trying to cut through the expanse of options online with the lowest prices, but this isn't the only factor in purchasing decisions. Retailers need to make it worthwhile for customers to purchase on the Web rather than in a store - and this means it comes down to offering competitive ecommerce fulfillment.

When people shop online, they want to be able to find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. Once they make the purchase, they want convenient, affordable shipping options, according to The Street. If these expectations aren't met, consumers can easily find another online retailer with similar product offerings. Free or discounted shipping is a major competitive differentiator in ecommerce. 

Consumers want to feel like they are getting a deal, and they don't want to spend more than they have to for products. Shipping discounts can make shoppers feel as though they are getting added value in their purchases. Although wine shipping can't be done for free, discounts can help prevent fulfillment fees from becoming prohibitive. Here are some tips for how your winery can improve its shipping strategy to increase online wine sales:

1. Set a spending limit for discounted shipping
If people feel like they can get a deal on delivery, they may be more likely to add a couple more items to reach the threshold. This is particularly true if you include information about the savings on your website. In addition, shipping discounts can be used as a special marketing promotion, a blog post for Amsterdam Printing suggested. Setting a limited time for these offers can increase the sense of urgency and encourage people to buy. This can be a great strategy to boost sales during a particular time of year. 

2. Analyze purchasing patterns
Before cutting shipping prices, you need to understand customers' behavior to make sure you're using this strategy to your advantage. Does discounted fulfillment cause customers to spend more or are they buying the same number of products? How many repeat orders do you see? Do your customers engage with your wine marketing efforts? These concerns can help you define the most effective shipping strategy. 

3. Be transparent about shipping fees
Hidden shipping costs are a major factor in shopping cart abandonment. While adding items to the basket, customers get the idea that they will be paying a particular price, and they will quickly be frustrated if the final total is a lot more than what they were expecting, The Street said. One way to avoid this shock during checkout is to display estimated shipping costs as customers add items to their carts. This is particularly effective if you display the discounts they can get with your wine shipping. It's also a good idea to offer more than one option. Shoppers will have different needs. Some people may not need their cases of wine in two days, and they may not want to pay extra for the increased speed.

4. Consider offering shipping subscriptions
You can take a cue from Amazon Prime and offer annual subscriptions for repeat customers. This can encourage people to buy more frequently since they will have already paid shipping fees. Implementing this strategy can ensure a more consistent stream of online revenue. Because shipping wine can prove to be costly, a subscription service can act as a tool to build client loyalty.


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