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November 16, 2015 | Wine Industry Trends | Joanne Grantz

November news roundup: Part 1

Thanksgiving and cold weather are on the horizon, and both call for seasonal varietals by the fireplace or dinner table. Whether your winery is holding an autumnal event in the tasting room or offering special online deals for holiday preparations, it's always helpful to be up-to-speed with the latest news impacting your business:

Wine Business News
Sonoma State University and the Wine Business Institute released their 2015 "American Wine Consumer Preference Survey," Wine Business reported. The survey explores how age group, median household income and other demographic factors affect wine consumption in the country. Additionally, the research uncovers trends surround flavor preference, decision-making and health perceptions. Take a look at the results to get a better idea of how your winery is meeting consumer preferences today.

Early results from the "Annual Wine Conditions Survey" indicate bottle prices are expected to increase in 2016, SVB on Wine reported. So far, the data shows 62 percent of respondents said harvest was less than average this year and 25 percent insisted yields were near a historic low for their winery. Wineries can participate in the survey to gain access to full results once they are available.

According to Nielsen, red blends account for more than 13 percent of the $13 billion that consumers spent on table wine between September 2014 and September 2015. Nielsen pointed out that as far as consumer perceptions are concerned, red blends are considered the craft beer of the wine category. Wineries can tap into this insight by promoting their red blends on social media, through product recommendations and even using targeted email campaigns. 

"Red blends are considered the craft beer of the wine category."

Email is an increasingly important medium for wineries to engage with their customers and build more personal relationships with them. Even with the best strategy in place, external factors can have a negative impact on your winery's email marketing campaigns. Check out this article from Econsultancy that touches on weather, fraud and public sentiment, all of which could hinder your positive results.

Has your winery ever considered featuring how-to videos on your online wine store? How-to videos can be a helpful way to teach customers about flavor profiles and other practical skills like opening and serving wine and hosting tasting parties. If you're looking for inspiration, PracticalEcommerce shared a handful of helpful examples wineries can look to for a reference point.

One of the greatest challenges wineries face during holiday season is increased pressure on warehousing and fulfillment partners due to an influx of sales. There are many ways wineries can prepare this year, and PracticalEcommerce shared some helpful advice for making your warehousing team more efficient.

Consumer expectations of shipping and fulfillment are high, and unlikely to waver this holiday season. As Jarrett Streebin pointed out on Entrepreneur, the cost of shipping increases each year alongside consumer demands for speed and accuracy. In addition to partnering with a strong fulfillment partner, wineries should take a few of his suggestions to save money into consideration.


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