Joanne Grantz
August 19, 2013 | Joanne Grantz

New Fulfillment Features August 2013

Our Portal’s new user interface launched today!

First, you’ll immediately notice the changes to the upper navigation that have been arranged to flow from orders, to products, to finance and then compliance.  From the upper navigation, you can easily navigate to the sub-categories of each.

Homepage Dashboard
The homepage dashboard offers a quick overview of your order statuses.  From orders needing action, open orders, inventory by location and various subinventory accounts – it’s all there in one quick, convenient view.  Now you can immediately see where your focus is necessary.

Changes to Our Naming Conventions
To provide more clarity, we’ve made a number of changes to our standard naming conventions:
• The “Advanced Search Option” has been changed to “More Options”
• Subinventory accounts have been renamed:
     From Ship to Primary
     From RITR to Inventory Out
     We've added “Transfer to MHT” and “Transfer to AMC” 

Announcing Online Inventory Transfers
We are especially excited about this new feature!  “Transfers In” and “Transfers Out” can now be processed online. You will also have the ability to move inventory between subinventory accounts such as “Primary”, “Club”, “Marketplaces”, or “To MHT”.  Once transfers have been completed, a history of your inventory transfers is available for online viewing.

Packing Slips
With our new release, you will have the ability to configure your own packing slips. This includes the option to select an order type for the packing slip, create a custom packing slip, or adjust your marketing messages as needed.

Additional Options for Searching Fulfillment Data
We've added a number of different options for filtering your orders, shipments, inventory, and products.

Orders:  Batch numbers have been added to the display, and we've added the ability to search for orders by SKU.
Shipments:  Email addresses have been added to the shipments report.
Inventory Activity:  Inventory activity can now be searched by subinventory account.
Product Pages:  Product pages can be searched by subinventory.
Backorders:  Backorders can now be searched by warehouse.

WineDirect Fulfillment Knowledgebase
This is one of our more exciting changes. We’ve added a new knowledgebase which will allow you to easily find answers to questions you may have about forms and other portal content.

• We’ve adjusted our email notification system to provide you the ability to choose the timing of emails; either at first scan or at ship confirm.
• We’ve added some additional tokens such as your company name to our email templates. We’ve also added tokens to the display.

Weather Holds

The weather map has been moved from the homepage to the weather holds page.

We are truly excited about the enhancements to our fulfillment portal and look forward to your feedback!


Stephen Mutch's Gravatar
Stephen Mutch
@ Aug 20, 2013 at 9:56 AM
Nice work. Significant improvements to terminology. Inventory out is much better than RITR. :)

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