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August 25, 2015 | Resources and Tools , Tasting Room | Lona Rudd

Mobile POS systems can improve the tasting room experience









Brick-and-mortar wine shops can leverage a mobile cloud-based POS system to create a more positive experience and increase wine sales. 

The cloud is transforming the way retailers conduct business and engage with customers. In fact, a report by Boston Retail Partners found 300 percent more retailers plan to deploy a mobile POS system in the next two years. Brick-and-mortar wine shops and tasting rooms, in particular, can leverage a mobile cloud-based POS system to create a more positive experience, and in effect, increase wine sales.

Customer engagement in-store
Cloud-based POS systems facilitate greater customer interaction in the tasting room. This is especially important because customers who visit a tasting room are doing so almost exclusively to interact with someone who is willing to help them select a wine. Tasting room experiences are inherently personal, so the technology wineries employ should be, too.

One of the key benefits of cloud technology is that it allows for mobility throughout a store. Cloud-based POS systems can run through a tablet, smartphone or other portable device, and they give tasting room associates access to POS data stored in the cloud from any location. The option for mobility in cloud-based POS systems means wine drinkers and associates can move freely throughout the tasting room. Beyond mobility, cloud-based POS systems can provide a handful of other benefits to wineries: 

"Cloud-based POS systems facilitate greater customer interaction in the tasting room."

  • Tasting room associates can refer customers to online stores or other locations to purchase an out-of-stock item
  • Cloud-based systems provide inventory management features, creating efficiencies when answering customer questions about available products
  • Cloud-based systems are faster than traditional POS systems, creating shorter lines and more room for one-on-one interaction

The power of personalization
According to Accenture, consumers want a more personalized retail experience, with 60 percent stating they desire real-time promotions and offers. In the past, offering a personalized shopping experience was difficult due to lack of data, and research from Experian underscores this fact. In the study, 40 percent of respondents cited gaining insights quickly enough as a challenge for providing personalization, while 39 percent felt not having enough data was an issue.

Cloud-based POS systems provide an effective solution and empower wineries to create personalized tasting room experiences. Customer shopping data that is stored in the cloud is easily accessible through a mobile POS, allowing wineries to offer real-time personalized deals and promotions based on past purchases, wine club membership and VIP status. Shopper data also helps tasting room associates understand customers' varietal preferences and spending habits to create a more personalized interaction overall.

Building customer retention
To increase wine sales, wineries must invest in loyalty programs to foster customer retention. The data stored in a cloud-based POS system creates a valuable opportunity for wineries to create customized loyalty programs for people who visit the tasting room. Additionally, wineries can use in-store shopping behavior to segment email marketing campaigns and direct past shoppers to the online wine store.

WineDirect's Vin65 POS is a mobile, cloud-based POS system designed with a customer focus. The Vin65 POS allows wineries to search for or add new customers, sync with cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners, and integrate with other payment gateways. 


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