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June 19, 2015 | Marketing, Resources and Tools | Joanne Grantz

Making your social media strategy work for you

Social media platforms are among the best channels for effective marketing. Their shareable nature creates room to engage consumers, attract new customers and build lasting brand loyalty. Social media is also rich in consumer data, which can help you track patterns in the growth of your wine business, according to ClickZ.

Whether you're a veteran of social media marketing or just getting started, here are some ways to maximize your social media strategy:

Create brand advocates
Use social media to get your customers talking about your wine club. Offering special promotions is a surefire way to prompt sharing with friends, according to Kiss Metrics. Post referral links that can be shared, and word will travel with each instant click.

Pay attention to content
Not all tweets, pins or posts are equal in the eyes of your customers. Analytics tools can help you understand the types of content that most effectively reaches your customers. Connecting your audience to your content is not just a matter of choosing the right words; choosing where to place your content is just as important. While it's easy to stick to old standbys, social media trends are continually evolving. Track data to figure out where you have the most readers, and be prepared for change along the way. Keep on top of emerging social media platforms, and which are most likely to attract each of your customer segments.

Personalize the experience
You likely have several segments of customers, each using social media in different ways. Pay attention to the demographics of each. For example, your adventurous Millennials may be eager to learn more about wine and try new things, but they likely can't spend as much as your older audiences. If you know your customers, you can tailor your advertising and promotions to specific segments.

If you haven't yet identified your different customer groups - and what each wants - you can still use special offers strategically. Start by sharing the same reward across channels, but make sure you apply unique promo codes to each referral link. This way, you can track the channels most useful in sharing a particular promotion.

And if you're a small business without the budget for widespread promotions, have no fear. You can get to know your customers through the posts and photos they share. In addition, you can spark one-on-one connections by responding to individual comments.

Most of all, take the time to regularly read your social media pages. Listen to what your customers have to say and keep the conversation going.


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