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February 3, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Demand Generation , Marketing | Jim Agger

Make the most of Facebook and those likes

With social being everywhere, it’s almost mandatory that businesses have an active Facebook page. Harnessing that simple thumbs-up icon can actually pay dividends without a big investment.  Facebook is a great way to engage consumers and to collect feedback about your wine and their buying experience.   This is the easy way to build your fan base. 

Thumbs Up

The Like button is an endorsement of whatever someone has said or done on Facebook. This kind of basic function can bolster credibility in the eyes of the user who sees it, since multiple Likes can grab more attention. There is an element of social proof involved, in that Facebook adjusts feeds to allow Likes to appear more prominently on a user's feed, even if it occurred for someone who is not directly his or her friend.

When you use a social media outlet like Facebook, a multitude of benefits result, according to Practical Ecommerce. For example, the Like has evolved so that whenever someone likes your page, they'll receive updates in the news feed. That alone allows you to promote your products more effectively without having to reach out to people directly. In addition, you can message people in ways similar to your online store and the marketing emails that you send. Finally, consumers are more likely to spend more money when they do purchase, up to $71.84 more to be exact.

However, what is most useful about utilizing Facebook on your ecommerce site is that you gain instant demographic metrics. For example, you can explicitly know the genders of your users, as well as their education levels and locations. You can build better wine marketing strategies based on the demographic information collected.

Liking it all

So how do you build up your Likes so that you can reap the rewards that Facebook offers? 

As another article at Practical Ecommerce notes, the easiest way is to add a Like button to your website that links to your Facebook page. People will be able to directly connect with you, even if they first visit through an organic search. In addition, linking to your Facebook page through a button icon is an easy way to get more likes on your Facebook page.  Adding the Facebook link to emails and newsletters is another way to build your fan base.

Your Facebook page should incentivize people to Like it.  One recommendation of Shopify is to run a contest.  Caption contests work well, combining the viral nature of captioned pictures with some healthy competition. By doing this, you'll get more people to visit your Facebook page, and ultimately your store.  What's not to like about that?

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