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August 3, 2012 | Fulfillment/Shipping | Karin Ballestrazze

Keeping your wine cool when when the weather is warm

Don’t let the warm weather put a chill on your DTC sales. You can ship safely and successfully in the summer months by actively managing a few critical variables; time in transit, the internal temperature of the shipment and cost.

Time in Transit
During hot and freezing weather, consider modifying the days you ship so packages are not held over the weekend at the carrier’s hub.  Bi-coastal shipping, if available, can expand the number of states you ship ground, allowing the maximum number of shipping days per week as well as curb rates for 2day, overnight and priority shipping since you are traveling through fewer zones.

Shipping service level
A shipment from Napa to San Francisco will arrive at the same time regardless if it’s overnight or ground and ground is much more cost effective!   However, a shipment to Dallas may best be served by a priority overnight shipment.  Priority overnight is an effective solution as the wine arrives at its destination by 10:30am, avoiding spending the day on the delivery truck.  This also allows for the most flexible shipping schedule as well as being very popular with customers since they receive their wine quickly.  It’s worth considering as a warm weather strategy.

Moderate the Internal Temperature of the Shipment
Utilizing WineDirect’s CoolPack shipper (insulated packaging paired with no sweat gel packs) with two day transit will ensure shipments are not exposed to excessive heat or temperature variance.

You will likely spend more protecting wine during peak temperatures, however consider the opportunity cost of not shipping during the summer.  You may be delaying sales as customers get all their summer wine in the Fall and that may reduce your Fall and Holiday shipments or at worst you lose the sale all together  especially if the wine is a gift or for a special occasion.

In the end, there may be no single “best” way to ship wine in the heat.  Consider a combination of
Cool Packs,shipping schedule & service level used paired with your customer’s location and needs.  By utilizing a safe and cost effective shipping method during the summer, it will allow your consumers to enjoy your wine all year long as well as maximize your own sales potential.  A win for everyone!

Co Author, Jen Sims, Account Manager


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