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January 28, 2016 | eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping, Wine Industry Trends | Joanne Grantz

January news roundup: Part 2

As January comes to a close, you've probably settled into the new year. Running a winery can be a challenge during this time as you work to maintain holiday momentum and determine how you are going to approach business for the rest of 2016. Gain some new perspective and check out some relevant news that has popped up over the month:

Wine business news
Consumers' wine preferences change all the time, and your winery can keep up with the pace by constantly studying your target audiences. Chicagoist compiled insights from sommeliers around Chicago to determine some of the top wine trends of 2016, including the prediction that value-friendly vineyards will deliver high-quality wines. Check out the article for the full list. Have you noticed any new trends emerge?

Successful wineries depend on technology from the vineyard to the delivery truck to deliver a high-quality product to consumers. According to Napa Valley Register, one winemaking family in Napa is using sap-flow censors, which monitor vineyards around the world and alert them via smartphone app of any pertinent information. What types of technologies does your winery use to make the process more efficient?

Another major development that emerged this month is the merger of two prominent distributors, Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer. As Wine Spectator pointed out, while some retailers and wineries are concerned this development will drive up wine prices, the majority in the industry believe this will have little effect. What do you think of this move?

If you operate an online wine store, chances are you already know the importance of optimizing for mobile if you hope to be successful in the long term. With so many consumers tapped into their smartphones for shopping, it's important to ensure they have a positive experience across channels. However, another question worth considering is whether a native app could be beneficial to your winery. ClickZ shared a helpful article about the difference between Web and native apps, and discussed the idea that mobile commerce will become dependent on this type of technology in the future. Has your winery considered developing a native app?

Content marketing is crucial to the success of any online wine store, but it can sometimes be difficult to come up with fresh ideas each year. Thankfully, Practical Ecommerce shared a number of content marketing tips worth considering as you plan for February, including for Valentine's Day, Super Bowl Sunday and President's Day. Keep some of these strategies in mind as your work to drive more organic traffic to your online wine store

Direct-to-consumer wine shipments are on this rise, which is great news for wineries operating in the ecommerce space. According to Wines & Vines, the value of DTC wine shipments reached $2 billion in 2015, which is an 8.1 percent increase from 2014. Has your winery experienced growth in this area over the past year?

Consumer expectations surrounding ecommerce fulfillment are changing. Today, you have to be willing to meet shoppers halfway when it comes to the cost of shipping. According to Global Trade Magazine, online shoppers value either free or reduced-cost shipping and returns. As the publication pointed out, you can increase order sizes and reduce shopping cart abandonment by delivering on consumers' expectations of ecommerce shipping. 

Online shoppers don't just want shipping to be inexpensive, they also want it to be fast. If you're operating an online wine store, it's crucial to utilize a DTC fulfillment partner that has expertise in shipping wine quickly and efficiently. In fact, Internet Retailer shared recent data from a Temando study that found 80 percent of customers want retailers to offer a same-day shipping options. 


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