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June 29, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping | Genevieve Verdier

It's not over once the customer pays

Your customer has made his or her selections and paid for the product. Your job is complete, right? Wrong. The customer experience doesn’t end when the customer pays for the wine ordered. If something goes wrong in the time between checkout and popping the cork, there's a chance you might never get their business again. In order to ensure repeat business, and to make sure your reputation remains intact, you need to focus on getting things right after the sale has been made.

Order accuracy

Once a customer's payment goes through, the first step is to make sure you get the order right. This doesn't just mean putting the correct wine selection in the correct box. It means getting the wine the customer wanted into a box with the correct address and then delivering it within the timeframe promised. As soon as the customer makes an online purchase, they are placing their trust in you and your team. If you break that trust, you risk losing future business. Taking the time to get orders right will ensure repeat customers.

Good delivery habits

Building good habits should be a primary focus for your business. This means delivering everything that's important every time. Thank-you notes, special offers, special surprises, review requests, catalogs and flyers need to make it in every box. Shipping timelines need to be adhered to and packages tracked accurately. Also, communications with the customer should happen at every stage of the process, unless the customer has specifically asked not to be contacted.

"Communication helps ensure that the adult signature requirement isn't a problem."

Communication makes the adult signature requirement easier

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles for online wine sales is the adult signature requirement. Communication helps ensure that the adult signature requirement isn't a problem. While package tracking will help, it’s also good to communicate with your customer first through email and then, if necessary, phone to let them know when the package will be arriving and what their options are for making sure that an adult signature is obtained. Services like UPS My Choice and UPS Access Point will help make sure that products ordered actually make it to the customer.

Communication doesn't end once the product is received

A good post-purchase strategy should include both email communications and phone follow-ups. Post-purchase communications will bring customers back to your product and help you improve your business.


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