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January 20, 2016 | Fulfillment/Shipping | Jena Domingue

Is your winery prepared for a more complex supply chain this year?

As we move into 2016, consumer expectations of both in-store and ecommerce shopping experiences are drastically changing. For your winery and online wine store to be successful this year, every part of how you conduct business will need to evolve at pace with consumer trends and preferences. One area that will see a significant amount of change is the supply chain. While logistics is largely considered an internal operational concern, the reality is that consumers have a direct impact on this area of business.

The impact of multichannel shopping
One of the key drivers of change is the shift toward multichannel shopping. With access to a wider away of connected devices, consumers expect to be able to move seamlessly between online and in-store shopping and blend the two at their will. This insight is important to your winery because the easier you make it for shoppers to enjoy your products by purchasing them through the channels they desire, the more profits you stand to earn. In fact, Google cited research from a study by IDC that found multichannel shoppers have a 30 percent higher lifetime value to a business than those who shop through only one channel.

As you integrate multichannel shopping into your winery's business model, you will find that managing your supply chain, renewing your inventory quickly and shipping wine to consumers in a timely, convenient fashion is more important and challenging than ever.

Consumers' expectations of shipping are changing
Companies like Amazon have set a high bar for what customers expect as far as product delivery is concerned. More often than not, a shopper will choose to work with an ecommerce business that offers valuable shipping incentives over one that does not. To underscore this fact, Deloitte conducted research that found shoppers value shipping included over fast shipping, but still expect free delivery options to be timely.

Additionally, shoppers expect a variety of options when it comes to order deliveries. To offer them this convenience, give customers the opportunity to place orders online from your tasting room and pick up online orders in store. Not only will this keep customer satisfied, it will create more opportunities for shoppers to browse your products and make further purchases.

Of course, meeting consumers' demands for convenient, affordable shipping can be fairly taxing on your winery's logistics. As your customer base continues to grow, you may consider working with a third-party fulfillment partner who can help you ship wine quickly, affordably and accurately.


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