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March 25, 2015 | eCommerce , Email Marketing , Marketing | Jim Agger

Is your online marketing going astray?

Are your online marketing campaigns increasing product awareness and boosting sales?  It can be a challenge to effectively attract and convert potential customers.  If you’ve been struggling to increase online sales, make sure you’re not committing these top marketing faux pas that could be holding back success.

There's no strategy
Before any business starts an online marketing campaign, it first needs to create a strategy that details the what and why. A company that just starts experimenting with search engine optimization or social without a clear goal or idea of how it's currently performing is taking a shot in the dark and there's no guarantee these initiatives will work.

Before making any marketing moves, a winery needs to take a look at current website performance metrics, whether that's in regard to social media followers, page clicks, SEO or any other measurement. The next step is to come up with a clear and cohesive strategy to improve these numbers and set goals to achieve within a certain timeframe. For example, you may want to increase website clicks by 50% over the quarter or double the number of customers who are referred to the site from social media within the year.

Expecting immediate results
No legitimate online marketing initiative gains success overnight. All strategies take time to work their magic, and giving up after a week if the results aren't apparent is a surefire way to fail. Goals should be reasonable and given sufficient time to work. If you are not certain of how long is needed to achieve the desired results, partnering with an experienced marketing agency can provide realistic timelines and coaching.

There's no testing going on
We've talked about A/B testing before but it bears repeating.  Split testing is critical to marketing success.  By A/B testing emails, marketing messages and images customers are most drawn to, you can accurately assess which emails to send out or the more effective subject lines to use, increasing click-through rates and guaranteeing as few recipients as possible are deleting marketing emails without reading them. 

Not trying new things
Online marketing is always changing. What worked three years ago doesn't necessarily work today, and assuming that marketing practices can remain consistent as the internet evolves is the fastest way for your marketing strategy to become irrelevant. 

Any business that is online should make sure it's on top of any new or trendy strategies to guarantee it isn't falling behind the times or its competitors. Just a few years ago social media marketing wasn't a big part of any marketing strategy. Now, it's a critical element that often has a person assigned to just that at a company. 

No tracking tools are in use
Campaign tracking is an important element when it comes to measuring success, and in determining which strategies are bringing in the most sales or inquiries. Companies can use a variety of analytics tools to see where visitors are coming from and the pages that receive the most activity. Not tracking online activity can lead to inaccurate assumptions that fail to point out what marketing strategy really is, or isn't, effective.


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