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May 29, 2014 | eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping | Jim Agger

Is personalization right for your online wine store?

The rapid expansion of ecommerce has given shoppers new ways to engage with retailers, but this has made it more difficult for brands to make lasting connections with their customers. A recent study from McCann Truth Central revealed that people who buy wine online want to form a personal connection with you, not just access a personalized Web experience. 

It's clear that ecommerce has permanently influenced how people shop. Consumer behavior has changed, and many individuals have no qualms about shopping at midnight or during a meal. In fact, being able to make purchases late at night, outside of standard retail hours, was seen as one of the key benefits of online shopping because it offered customers more convenience. However, there is one way that traditional retail still trumps ecommerce: a personal experience.

Many online merchants have savvy websites that adapt to users' devices, previous purchases and preferences. While many shoppers appreciate the curated suggestions, these recommendations need to hit the mark to be effective. Many online consumers feel the experience has become rather impersonal. However, the study revealed shoppers were torn. They wanted retailers to get to know them on a deeper level, but they also worried that they would discover fewer new products without suggestions from website algorithms. 

How you can make personal connections through your online wine store
Personalization needs to go beyond whether website visitors are accessing your page from a smartphone or a laptop. You can consider giving new visitors a special offer, according to Entrepreneur magazine. This shows that you recognize shoppers and appreciate them, which can be an effective way to raise conversions. It's also important to integrate previous purchase history from your customer relationship management platform to continue delivering the right level of personalization for returning clients. Even loyal customers can find irrelevant product suggestions to be annoying.

Give customers more choices for ecommerce fulfillment
One of the ideas behind ecommerce personalization is giving customers the experience they want. When it comes to online shopping, this notion extends to wine shipping. Consumers may be frustrated if they only have one option. Some shoppers may want to minimize shipping costs as much as possible, and others may be in a hurry to receive their packages, particularly if the order is a gift. You should accommodate different customers preferences as much as you can because it can help you form lasting bonds with a larger audience. In general, quicker shipping can boost satisfaction and ensure shoppers return to your website. 

Wineries can consider implementing a shipping subscription service. Amazon has done this to great effect with its Prime service, which grants subscribers two-day free shipping for an annual fee. One of the reasons this model is so successful is because consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases when they've already paid the subscription cost. For wine in particular, shoppers can end up saving money each year, which makes the prospect more attractive. 

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