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June 5, 2015 | Email Marketing , Social Media | Jim Agger

Integrating social media and email marketing

Which type of online marketing is best? Email is the leader in terms of response rates and increased sales. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are another way to engage potential customers.  Why choose one or the other?  There are good reasons to do both. 

Playing off one another
Using an integrated strategy that combines thoughtful email marketing and social posts is a good long-term plan for your winery, according to Social Media Examiner. If you were to add the option to share your email promotions with other people - either directly or through a social network - can extend the reach of your emails. The more people that read your message will increase the number of responders to the call to action and boost traffic to your website.

In addition, sharing can help you determine, through a combination of metrics and analytics embedded into the message, which people are actually sharing your message. If someone is sharing your promotion to a lot of people, he or she could be a key influencer. Identifying these people will open up the potential for targeted marketing, such as an introduction to your wine club.

Along with sharing, providing links to your social media pages can also have a positive impact on how your online presence is received. For one thing, it provides people another platform to connect with you. If they want to provide feedback, or share images of great food pairings, you provide them the means to do so to an audience that will be receptive. Moreover, your email subscribers are given a chance to speak to you in a different way.  Finally, you are expanding the reach of your message to other channels, which is useful not only in bringing back old customers but engaging new ones as well.

Bringing them together
How do you integrate your social media and email marketing strategies? Well, as stated before, you can simply add links that not only go to your social media pages, but also have links that allow the customer to share this message with friends, colleagues and family. But doing that alone won't be enough to get people's attention, as Business 2 Community points out. You need to show potential customers that sharing or connecting with your winery through social media is a good idea.

Making the case for social media through email can be done through calls to action within your message that emphasize the benefits of sharing your message with other people. You can determine what members of your mailing list have actually opened up the message and clicked through the main call to action.  Create a special offer and invite them to share it with others.


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