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August 5, 2015 | Email Marketing , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

Increase online wine sales with product videos

Wine is a product rooted in experience. People drink wine for its taste, to pair with food, as an expression of individual preference and to share with friends. Online wine sellers are faced with the challenge of connecting shoppers to their products when a physical tasting room isn't present. Wineries can increase online wine sales and help shoppers feel more connected to their products by adding online video to their websites, social media outlets and as a part of their marketing strategies.

Online video leads to conversions
Wineries can increase sales by including video content in their online wine stores. According to LiveClicker's Video Commerce Report, sites featuring video on the majority of their product pages saw a 68 percent increase of average order value. Additionally, 88 percent of survey respondents saw increased conversions after adding video to product pages.

Wine sellers should consider adding online video to their product pages. One strategy is to pair short videos with wines that explain the flavor of and pairing options for the wine. Product videos can also show the wine's viscosity and color once poured into a glass. Videos centering around wine will increase wine drinkers' confidence in making a purchase without having the product in their physical presence.

A valuable marketing tool
Whether through online ads or direct emails to current customers, online video can positively impact your winery's marketing efforts. A report cited by brainshark showed video in email can boost open rates 20 percent and either double or triple click-through rates. Including informative videos with clear calls to action in email marketing content has the potential to drive more customers to your online wine store and boost sales. Beyond email, online video ads offer a visual interaction with wine and are likely to be more valuable to wine drinkers.

A tasting room experience
Online video ultimately gives wineries the opportunity to offer customers a tasting room experience while they are shopping online. Using informative, interactive videos on your winery's social media sites - especially Facebook and Instagram - provides value to visitors and gives them the opportunity to explore your wines more in-depth. Another option is to encourage shoppers to share their own video content and testimonials on your social media sites, which will tap into the inherent experience of sharing wine with others.


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