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February 26, 2015 | eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Joanne Grantz

Increase brand awareness (and sales) with mobile apps

Have you considered adding your wines to a mobile app?  For years, mobile websites have done a good job in projecting wine to consumers, giving them an opportunity to purchase on their smartphones or tablets. Mobile apps became more universal and effective in displaying products.  These apps provide one more tool to create a more modern wine marketing strategy.

Bring in more customers with mobile apps.

Consulting firm Lotus Growth cited a study by the Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute that found 23 percent of wine consumers are using apps to making purchasing decisions. Buying a wine usually requires more thinking than the average product, since consumers often look for wine by occasion or menu plan. Using an app to guide purchasing decisions as grown in popularity. 

This development is part of a larger expansion of mobile device use affecting shopping decisions as a whole. The Google Shopper Marketing Council notes that 84% of all shoppers with smartphones are using them to make purchasing decisions of many kinds. With this proliferation, wineries should be paying attention to how the use of mobile devices can build their brand.

For its part, Lotus Growth conducted a joint survey with wine recommender app Hello Vino. In it, they found that when a wine or winery was promoted on an app like Hello Vino, 29.4% of customers purchased it with an additional 61.5% intending to purchase. They would buy 2.4 bottles per transaction on average. The promotion has great value in wineries, for 63.4% of consumers were not aware of the winery prior to recommendation.

More importantly, these customers become a direct and indirect source of revenue. Some 88.3% who purchased the recommended wine in the survey would buy again within six months of receiving the first bottle, while 86.7% would recommend it to their friends and family. The number of people recommended per customer was 3.9. Finally, and most importantly, 44.7% of these buyers were new customers.

The power in the app

So what makes the app an effective part of your wine marketing and ecommerce strategy? It's a matter of perception. Compuware reported in a survey that 85% of users preferred mobile apps over websites.  More importantly, with most people closely tied to their mobile devices, apps are just plain easy.  Now not only is it important to design your website to suit mobile, you may want to consider adding your wine to apps to increase brand awareness and sales. 


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