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February 18, 2016 | eCommerce , Marketing | Lona Rudd

Ideas to create engaging online content

Social media marketing may once have reigned, but it seems creating engaging content is the method of choice for advertisers these days. According a poll by Smart Insights, 29 percent of those surveyed said content marketing was the most important online business trend of 2015. Social media marketing trailed behind at less than 9 percent, while mobile did slightly better with 11 percent.

Indeed, shoppers are getting more adept at finding what they want online while ignoring things they consider irrelevant. Therefore, it's important for businesses to create engaging content in order to remain competitive in the e-commerce marketplace. This is especially true for wineries marketing their product online. Not all e-commerce shoppers have the benefit of close access to a tasting room, so vintners must do all they can to sell their product.

Content ideas
If you're trying to increase sales for your online wine store, consider how you describe your product. Online wine shoppers are generally a discerning bunch, and they're looking to purchase an experience, not just a beverage. It's your job to provide that experience, and a well-crafted product description sets the mood.

The best product descriptions create an emotional connection, Practical Ecommerce said. They use artful language to help shoppers imagine not just how they'd use a product but how they'd feel about owning it. Since wines are marketed as part of a luxury experience, you can talk about how opulent your product is and the rich comfort it provides.

You can also write engaging articles, perhaps about the history of your business or interesting wine facts. If you want to kick things up a notch, try making video content. Post a beginner's introduction to wine on YouTube to engage new customers, and create more in-depth comparisons for your dedicated ones.

E-commerce retailers should also take advantage of every holiday they can relate back to their product. There are several celebrations just around the corner.   Easter and Mother’s Day in the spring and then we’re on to the summer parties.  This is a good opportunity to write about which wines pair well with which celebration foods, how to prepare a fancy dinner or even which bottle is best sent as a holiday gift.

Your online storefront is expected to serve the digital space in the same manner your tasting room serves the physical - to get shoppers into your store and engaged with your product. The best way to do this is by creating interesting, valuable content for customers new and old. 


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