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How to upsell to online wine shoppers

Upselling is an important technique for any business. For wineries in particular, upselling usually takes place in the tasting room. The physical experience of tasting, smelling and seeing wines provides an inherent upsell that is natural to the wine purchasing experience.

For online wine sellers, upselling can be a bit more of a challenge. Still, upselling your customers is crucial to increasing online wine sales. Ecommerce sites have benefited from upselling online shoppers since as early as 2006, when according to ConversionXL, Amazon reported 35 percent of its revenue was a direct result of the company's cross sales and upselling efforts.

Know your wine drinkers and your products
When upselling your products on your online wine store, it is important to carefully consider the customers you are trying to reach and the products you are aiming to reach them with. First and foremost, take into consideration that upselling will only work with a small number of your customers. A study of Predictive Intent's ecommerce customer base - as cited by Econsultancy - showed upselling will have an impact of roughly 4 percent of an ecommerce site's customer base. The key is to target customers who are regular visitors and are willing to spend money on wine.

Once you've established and targeted the customer base you want to upsell, decide which wine will have the greatest impact on your winery's bottom line. For maximum results, only upsell your most reviewed, most sold and most relevant wines. Of course, relevance will change from customer to customer, but proper research and segmentation can ensure your winery is reaching the right people.

Strategies for online wine stores
Once your winery has identified the right customer base and established a portfolio of products to upsell, there are a variety up upselling techniques that can be implemented. Here are three common strategies that will work well for any winery:

1. Main pages - Ecommerce sites can be programmed to suggest similar varietals to what shoppers are currently viewing, but at a higher price point.

2. Shopping cart - Another opportunity to upsell customers is when they are about to pay for their order. It is important to make sure upselling does not disrupt the purchase process if the shopping cart method is used.

3. Discounted shipping - Offering discounted shipping for purchases over a certain price point is an effective way to use incentives to upsell.

In addition to these strategies, our Carrot Engine is a sophisticated upsell tool that allows you to implement promotions, use coupon codes, sell gift cards and drive customers back to your website.


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