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July 28, 2015 | General | Joanne Grantz

How to survey your customers

Drinking wine is a luxury, so it makes sense for wine drinkers to have high expectations of wineries, their wine-selection process and the final product. As a result, it is important for wine sellers to survey their online customers to increase online wine sales.

As pointed out by our white paper, "Creating a Great Customer Experience," surveys are a valuable tool to measure the gap between customer expectations and actual customer experiences.

Beyond customer satisfaction, conducting surveys will empower your winery to improve upon and offer new services and features. Here are four steps to creating and conducting a survey for your online customers:

1. Determine goals
The first step in creating an online survey is to determine the goals. The purpose of your survey could be as simple as determining customer satisfaction, or something more complex, such as creating new programs for your winery or identifying influencers who will speak positively about your winery online.

2. Choose a distribution method
Once you've determined the purpose of your survey, you will need to decide how the survey will be distributed. Depending on your audience, you may want to distribute your survey through email, website popup or even through your social media communities.

Email surveys are a great way to survey customers who have made repeat purchases, who have had a recent customer service interaction, or who recently made their first purchase. You can also conduct surveys on your website, either during or after the shopping experience, while social media channels are an excellent source for identifying influencers and overall customer sentiment.
3. Format questions
How you format your questions will largely be dictated by the goals of your survey. According to Socious,  there are two general types of survey questions: open-ended, interview-style questions and rating scale questions. Open-ended questions allow participants to answer questions more or less in their own words, while rating scale questions require customers to select a number, or rating, that identifies the truth behind various statements.

4. Analyze results
Once you've conducted your survey, you'll need to gather the results in order to garner insights. Look for consistencies across channels and segments, and determine what is important to different audiences. The most important part of conducting a survey is to use the results to make changes and business decisions that will positively impact your winery's bottom line and provide a more memorable experience to your guests.


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