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August 27, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Jim Agger

How to surprise and delight your best customers

Surprise-and-delight tactics are a great way for any winery to build customer loyalty and deliver a memorable customer experience. A study conducted by four psychologists and published in the "Journal of Applied Social Psychology" proves the power of surprise and delight, and the reciprocity that results. According to the study, servers received a 21 percent better tip from customers when they left two mints instead of one.


Where an associate in a tasting room is flooded with opportunities to delight customers with free samples, recommendations and personalized experiences, online wine stores need to take an extra step to build customer relationships. Here are four different ways wineries can surprise and delight their online customers: 

1. A simple thank-you note
Thank-you notes can go a long way in creating a memorable customer experience. As noted in our white paper, "Creating a Great Customer Experience in Ten Easy Steps," wineries can employ a robust database to send personalized thank-you notes. Consider sending thank-you notes to customers who have left a positive review on your winery's site or social media pages, or customers who have made their fifth purchase from your online wine store.

2. Personalized gifts
Personalized gifts offer value, encourage future visits, make customers feel special and increase customer loyalty. Use your winery's database to send gift cards or offer reduced shipping on customers' birthdays, or send a sample box to your most loyal customers on the anniversary of their first purchase. Notice customers' shopping habits and preferences, and use this information to surprise them with awards that are meaningful.

3. Exceptional customer service
Surprise-and-delight tactics are a means to providing excellent customer service. Try reaching out to customers who have left items in their shopping carts with proactive solutions, such a lower-priced alternatives, faster or less expensive shipping, or a tasting guide for the wines they have selected. Check in on customers who are regular wine drinkers to learn about how they're enjoying your winery's products and how you can better serve them.

4. Customized engagements
Wineries should always be looking for new ways to delight their customers. Constantly pay attention to social media and customer service channels to provide customized, unplanned engagements. For example, if a customer posts on your winery's Facebook page that she drank one of your varietals on her wedding day, send her a congratulatory bottle of wine or even a gift card to visit your winery.


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