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October 22, 2015 | Site Design and Management | Joanne Grantz

How to optimize your online wine store for search

Today, search engine optimization is an increasingly important marketing channel for businesses across all industries. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, search marketing was the most effective source for acquiring new customers in 2014 for 85 percent of online retailers.

Wineries can increase traffic to their e-commerce sites through search engine optimization. Here are five strategies for bringing your online wine store to the top of search results:

1. Create valuable content
One way wineries can drive traffic to their sites and also keep visitors engaged is through original content. AdWeek cited data from Smart Insights that revealed content marketing is considered one of the most commercially important digital marketing trends for 2015. In fact, Google's latest search engine algorithm updates place less emphasis on search engine keywords and more importance on how those keywords are used to generate valuable content for site visitors. Wineries could benefit from drafting original content related to wine on a company blog.

2. Include product reviews
Kissmetrics wrote roughly 70 percent of online shoppers seek product reviews on e-commerce sites and forums before making a purchases. Including product reviews for each varietal is crucial for wineries' online search results. Additionally, product reviews are especially important when it comes to selling wine online, since shoppers value the opportunity to understand the taste profile before purchasing.

3. Optimize for mobile
Mobile optimization is a priority for any e-commerce site that hopes to increase its search rankings. Forbes noted Google rewards mobile-friendly sites with better search rankings as of April 2015. Online shoppers are choosing their mobile devices to make purchases over desktops, and it is important that online wine stores respond to this trend.

4. Enhance product descriptions
Wineries can increase both traffic and conversions by providing informative, unique descriptions for each varietal sold online. According to Kissmetrics, failing to provide a product description or using a canned description straight from a manufacturer are two of the biggest SEO mistakes any online store can make. Try incorporating SEO keywords into product description to create an extra boost.

5. Use high-quality visual content
Wineries can bring their online wine stores to the top of search results by featuring visual content. As Business2Community pointed out, rich text with visual elements have priority in search results over sites that only feature text. Wineries can enhance their e-commerce sites by using images, infographics, product videos and other forms of visual content.


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