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February 21, 2014 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Sheri Hebbeln

How to gain new customers through wine marketing

Email is a tried and true component of wine marketing, and it's still a highly effective tool for increasing online wine sales. Compared to other promotional channels, email is relatively inexpensive, it drives website traffic and influences purchasing decisions, giving it a high return on investment. While it's a valuable vehicle for interacting with your existing client base, email can also be used to acquire new customers, according to Practical Ecommerce. 

The first step of turning interested prospects into customers is getting them to subscribe to you email list. However, you need to have realistic expectations about the financial and time commitment required to make this transition, the article said. Acquiring new clients costs more than you will make from their first order, but email can help you increase customer lifetime value. Here are some considerations to keep in mind for using email as an acquisition channel:

  • People who haven't bought from you yet interact with emails differently than current clients: Your first email to a new subscriber likely won't result in a sale. Current customers may get an offer via email and immediately start shopping, but new subscribers are more likely to browse and make comparisons before buying. 
  • Always be consistent: Developing the most effective email strategy may take some work and careful study over time. You may want to consider the elements of your messages that drive the most conversions and utilize these in new campaigns. Avoid experimentation when you find what works in customer acquisition. 
  • It won't happen overnight: The results of acquisition campaigns won't be immediate. Potential shoppers are more likely to abandon their shopping carts and return to the site at a later date. Testing and making changes can help you create more effective emails that drive results.

Other ways to get the most out of your wine marketing efforts
One of the reasons email has stayed relevant for so long is because it's highly versatile. Triggered emails can be useful for both converting prospects into customers and reconnecting with inactive clients on your subscriber list, Business 2 Community stated. Sending messages in reaction to customer behavior can help your online wine store see better results. 

Because prospective clients are more likely to abandon shopping carts, a reminder email can help them convert into a customer. In some cases, consumers may step away from their computers and forget to complete the transactions, so your system can trigger an email after 30 minutes. If they don't finish the purchase after 24 hours, you can send a follow-up message with a limited-time discount code to give them an additional incentive. Offers with time constraints create a sense of urgency. 

Inactive customers shouldn't be viewed as missed opportunities, the article said. As long as they are still subscribed to your emails, you can make a connection with them. There are countless reasons why shoppers go a long period of time between purchases, but a simple email message can help you reengage them. 

Another effective tactic for reconnecting with clients is rewarding them for loyalty or celebrating milestones. Sending special offers for shoppers who frequently buy wine online will encourage them to continue doing so. Your subscribers will appreciate the added value, especially if they don't expect to be rewarded. Based on the depth of information you have in your customer relationship management platform, you can send messages for clients' birthdays or anniversaries. This helps form a more personal connection with your client base in addition to increasing sales. 


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