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August 12, 2014 | Fulfillment/Shipping, Merchandising , Site Design and Management | Jim Agger

How to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment for Online Wine Sales

As online wine sales continue to explode across the United States, wine selling operations keep working to find ways to offset the bane of all ecommerce: shopping cart abandonment. A recent Business Insider article said that nearly $4 trillion will be lost to abandoned shopping carts online but 63 percent of that revenue is recoupable by savvy business operators. That's a stunning number and they outlined a number of ways online vendors can ensure they get the sales once a consumer comes to their site.

Preventing shopping cart abandonment
Consumers are very discerning about what they want and how it is presented to them. Hostway, an online sales advisor, had some suggestions for how an online operator can keep customers on their site and not abandon the shopping cart. Putting prices upfront and readily viewable is one way to keep customers on the shopping cart page, said the report. Setting up the website to calculate shipping costs makes the experience that much easier for the patron, keeping them on the site long enough to complete the transaction. Also the cost of the wine should be readily viewable by the customer, as well [this is redundant]. Not requiring visitors to sign in, said the report, allows customers to stay on the site as they can shop and know the prices without having to enter them in the cart to see the cost.

Speed is a factor
In today's hurry-up-and-wait society customers generally won't stay as a slow Web page to load. If it's not fast, reported Hostway, consumers will turn away from the webpage in droves. Finding ways to speed up the website is critical to the success of an online sales operation, according to the source. A company also needs to make certain that they have an SSL certificate. Without one, said Hostway, customers will flee the website believing that it's not secure or safe to transact business with. With all the attention being given to data breaches and retail hacking, this area should be one of strong concentrations for an online sales site operator.

Think of a broader clientele. Although a winery may be American-based, the Internet is a wide-ranging tool and companies need to be thinking of ways to incorporate an the audience and to also make sure their contact information is highly visible.

If an online wine marketing operation wants to shine and survive in the current economic market, it needs to take advantage of the many common sense business strategies it can employ to alleviate shopping cart abandonment and make customers feel that the website and shipping operation is user friendly and efficient.


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