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August 11, 2014 | eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

How to Make Your Online Wine Store Sparkle

Your online wine store is live, but there aren't a lot of customers coming and buying your bottles or cases. There may even be high traffic but no conversion happening. While there are several components to ecommerce that are particular to wineries, such as different methods of shipping and distribution, getting the basics of a Web store can be more important. If you focus on all the necessities that wineries need to address without getting the shop down first, you're likely to get less sales in the long run. This is especially true when you consider new developments in Web design such as mobile-friendly sites and integrating social media. Getting the online shop right is just as essential as placing customer needs and satisfaction where they need to be.

Looking good in more ways than one
As said before, site design is a critical aspect of online sales growth; but how does one do it in the age of mobile devices and social media? Sometimes, going back to the basics can be of great use, according to ConversionXL.com. The first step is having high-quality images on your site. Showing your high-resolution bottles of cabernet sauvignon may sound ridiculous to some. However, people like to know exactly what they are getting ahead of time, even if they have tried the wine before. Having an image gallery of the bottles and perhaps the grapes can be useful. With mobile devices having less visual real estate for things such as text and other copy, that's all the more important.

Another thing to consider is having a sale section of the store. This incentivizes customers to buy extra batches of your winery's inventory or entices them on new grape varieties. For example, if you still have leftover bottles of a particular vintage of merlot that haven't sold all that well, you should be able to sell them at a discount in the sale section or with shipping included. More importantly, you can use the sale section to create some artificial scarcity, according to MultiChannel Merchant. Say you have a vintage of chardonnay that is selling well at a discount. You can say that only a limited number of bottles are left at that discount before they sell out or return to original price. That will increase sales because it gives a sense of urgency to customers. With the sales section, you will have a strong source of traffic and sales.


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