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June 4, 2014 | eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping | Jim Agger

How should wineries display shipping information?

Ecommerce fulfillment costs can make or break a customer's decision to buy from your online wine store. This is one of the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment, and you could be leaving a large percentage of sales on the table. While you can't offer completely free deliveries, there are ways to handling wine shipping costs that won't hurt sales.

1. Be as transparent as possible
Consumers are increasingly preferring to have greater visibility into the entire order process, from online inventory levels to package tracking. Displaying shipping costs early in the transaction can put consumers at ease and help prevent shopping cart abandonment, according to Econsultancy. It may be a good idea to provide the predicted shipping fees as consumers add items to their carts to avoid a moment of surprise during checkout.

2. Provide multiple delivery options
Amazon accommodates different customers' varying delivery needs very well, which is part of the reason the company is the leader in ecommerce. If customers are in a hurry to get their packages, they may be willing to pay for expedited shipping. However, cost-effectiveness is a major consideration for many online shoppers, so these consumers need to have separate options as well. Another cue to take from Amazon is displaying the estimated arrival date of each shipping choice.

3. Offer shipping discounts for purchases over a certain price or order size threshold
Because the costs of shipping something as bulky as a case of wine can quickly add up, consumers will seek discounts to reduce how much they are spending on purchases. You can boost conversions by offering lower shipping rates on purchases above a certain price or order size. People may add an extra bottle to their orders to qualify for the lower price, The Age stated. For some people, a shipping discount may be even more attractive than a product promotion. When establishing a price threshold compared to an order size qualifier, you can show people exactly how much more they need to spend to get the lower shipping rate.

4. Advertise shipping promotions on the front page
Casual visitors may be tempted by shipping specials, especially if they are for a limited time, according to Econsultancy. Consumers have a better idea of what their options are before they start adding items to their baskets.

Contact a sales representative to learn more about how WineDirect's fulfillment solutions can accommodate the complex needs of your winery.


Larry Chandler's Gravatar
Larry Chandler
@ Jun 4, 2014 at 7:30 AM
My understanding is that free shipping can be offered, but you just can't phrase it like that. You can offer a case or other quantity of wine shipping included. And shipping could be offered for one cent. It's the use of the word "free" that triggers an alarm at the ABC. If shipping must be paid for at all times, then many wineries could be in a lot of trouble.

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