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February 24, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Sheri Hebbeln

Happy employees result in happier customers

Investing in your employees is the first step toward good customer relations. Happy employees result in happier customers. They possess substantial knowledge of the industry and they pass on their expertise and passion to your customers.

Ensure that your staff feels valued
If an individual feels appreciated, they are likely to exceed your expectations. Forbes suggests challenging your employees and showing them that they are an essential part of your team.

Encourage your staff to complement one another and make sure everyone knows they have an impact on the success of the business. Recognize each person's performance and demonstrate gratitude for his or her hard work. If online wine sales have recently skyrocketed due to a new social media campaign, acknowledge the team that put together and worked on executing the concept. Knowing that their work is appreciated can help them feel more valued. 

Make work fun 
Inc. noted that employees perform at their peak when they are enjoying themselves. Create a fun and creative atmosphere at work to promote your staff's productivity and loyalty to your business. 

Organize contests, events and dinners to help foster friendships and partnerships between coworkers. Send out a poll and ask what activities your staff would be interested in doing as a team and then make it happen.

Provide proper training and education 
Your employees should be knowledgeable about your winery and should receive regular updates and important industry news. Keep staff informed on new software, point of sale systems and winery website improvements or campaigns. Hold meetings and ask for input from everyone. They have valuable knowledge due to their interactions with customers and their individual experiences within the industry. Tap into that wealth of knowledge to improve your business practices. 

In addition to training your employees in the science of wine, it is also important to supply them with resources they can refer to as they begin learning about your winery. Keep organized folders or packets for new employees and encourage them to take notes, ask questions and study the information provided to them.

A staff that enjoys their job will not only produce quality work, but they will also ensure customers have a superior experience. This can generate customer loyalty and ultimately more profit. Invest in your employees' knowledge and their overall satisfaction and watch your winery's business improve as a result. 

Building a partnership with your employees and encouraging them to foster relationships with customers is essential. Fast Company noted that today's consumers don't want advertisements; they are more interested in personal interaction and close, continuous relationships.  Investing in your employees is the first step toward better customer relations. 


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