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May 28, 2015 | Wine Industry Trends | Lona Rudd

Going mobile in your tasting room

It goes without saying that technology can simplify the customer experience with your winery. Mobility has become a standard among individuals living in today's society. The average U.S. citizen uses his or her smartphone for a total of 58 minutes every day, according to a 2013 Experian report. That amount of time has likely increased three-fold.  Adhering to the demands for mobility can help you improve your winery and better serve the modern consumer. 

Mobile point-of-sale systems provide businesses with the opportunity to accept payments from anywhere. Your customers can easily purchase wine and schedule shipment without waiting in a crowed tasting room to do so. 

Taking advantage of the benefits of mobile POS technology
PaymentsSource noted many businesses have taken full advantage of the technological advancements, like mobile payment options, because they allow merchants to increase revenue by cutting costs and allowing staff to focus on becoming more productive.

Armed with the ability to accept payments from anywhere in your tasting room or vineyard, employees are not chained to a stationary POS. Your staff can focus on assisting customers, taking inventory and executing important jobs and tasks throughout the day without sacrificing the ability to make sales and accept payments from your customers. 

Cut down on training time and money 
You do not need to spend a great deal of money on equipment for a mobile POS system. All you need is a mobile device and an downloaded app. This can save you a great deal of money and the return on your investment can be substantial.

Smartphones and tablets are commonly used by a huge number of people.  They are simple to use and most people know how to properly operate these devices. 

Your winery will not have to invest as much time and money into training employees how to utilize a mobile POS because they already know how to use a smartphone or tablet. This technology is easy to adopt, there’s no learning curve and your investment is small when compared to stationary POS. 

Keeping it simple and green
According to Merchant Warehouse, mobile POS systems may be more esthetically appealing than a bulky POS that remains stationary. The simplicity of mobile payment processing tool portrays an organized atmosphere and is a greener way to conduct sales as it doesn’t involve printers and paper. Customers can sign and have their receipt sent directly to their email.  This is a win for your customers and employees in easy transaction processing and a win for your winery business with increased sales. 


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