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January 19, 2015 | Marketing, Resources and Tools | Sheri Hebbeln

Get the most out of Pay-per-Click advertising

How do you make the most of Internet ads?  Here are ways to make your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign more effective and drive more people to your website:

Get the landing pages down pat
There are two components to initiating a successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign.  First is to create landing pages, and the second is to determine the keywords to purchase.  Build a landing page that is very specific to your message and contains keywords related to the words or phrases you intend to bid on. If you are looking to bid on multiple keywords, you may need to create more than one landing page, according to Copyblogger.

Don't sell, relate
The landing pages should not be selling anything. Instead, be “value added” in that they contain a video, recipe or an extended blog post. The objective is to establish relationships and build a fan base.

Make use of search engine optimization (SEO)
After the landing pages have been created, you'll need to find keywords you can bid on. PPC advertising is based on purchasing ad keywords. However, simple words and phrases tend to be taken and are overused. Instead, look to search engine optimization, as suggested by Inc. Magazine. Having unique phrases may lower the number of people searching, but it will bring more interested consumers as result. This extends to PPC advertising as well.  Even if there are fewer people looking up the phrase "Napa Pinot Noir that goes well with ham," those people are more likely to purchase from you.

Consider your ad to be tiny email
PPC ads have very limited space to get the message across, especially those in Google AdWords.  There are 25 characters in a headline, and 70 characters for the copy. The headline is has less space than a subject line for an email.  After creating a concise headline, use the copy to craft a message that uses keywords. The extra keywords help to bolster searchability.

Keep on testing
As with any ad campaign, it's important to keep testing ads, as suggested by ad firm AdStage. Perform A/B testing with slightly different ads leading to the exact same page, and let the networks test out each one. Keep reviewing your results of the campaign so that you can make adjustments to improve the rate of people clicking through and purchasing wine.


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