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June 1, 2015 | Direct to consumer, Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

INFOGRAPHIC: Expand your email reach and drive wine sales

You don't have to be a large winery to have a successful direct-to-consumer sales platform. Even the smallest of wineries can have a large reach. In fact, only 2 percent of the top-selling D2C wineries have an annual output of more than 50,000 cases, according to a recent our data. If you think price drives the most successful D2C wine sales, think again. Those at the top are only 8 percent more likely than others to sell wine priced higher than 60 dollars.

Engage your customers
What's the winning strategy for a profitable D2C model?  We found that larger email lists factored heavily into sales success. The wineries with the highest D2C sales reported an average of 29,100 recipients on their email lists. Compare that to an average of 6,010 for others. It makes sense that this would be the case. Email is the most direct and effective way to reach your customers. Through email correspondence, you can deliver individualized communication, including unique offers and invitations to loyalty programs.

​Use a segmentation strategy
Software allows you to collect contact information across channels, organizing your outreach in one database. Further, the analytics allow you to segment your consumer base according to the wine-buying preferences and behaviors. The more you know about each customer, the better you can deliver individually-relevant communications that drive sales.

For example, you can increase your average order value by offering personalized recommendations, allowing you to upsell without compromising the customer has already ordered. Shipping incentives help increase sales across segments. The large majority of consumers prefer to qualify for free shipping, even if it means purchasing more than originally intended. Loyalty program rewards are another great way to encourage your customers to buy more.

Increase each sale
To understand which strategies appeal to which consumers, you can use your analytics software to highlight patterns in the ways individuals think about wine and decide on purchases. Price-conscious consumers are the largest contingent of wine drinkers, according to a recent Constellation Brands study. For those who believe a good bottle of wine doesn't need to cost a lot, an upselling strategy may not work as well as shipping incentives. Likewise, the customers who adhere strictly to one type of wine may not be inclined to follow suggestions to try new wines. But special offers can entice this segment to purchase more bottles at a time, driving up your average order value.

Direct sales strategy begins with direct communication with your customers. Through email outreach, you can get to know your consumers and deliver precisely what each wants.

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