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April 20, 2015 | Email Marketing | Joanne Grantz

Email subject line tips

We’ve talked about email being the most effective digital marketing tactic.  To a degree, the effectiveness of email depends upon the subject line of the message.  The subject line can intrigue or bore the recipient and will dictate the way he or she responds. Follow these tips for writing effective and interesting subject lines that will ensure that your message is opened and read:

Keep it brief
Avoid long subject lines. Long subject lines will get cut off when viewed in an in box and therefore, the message you are trying to convey will be muddled and may not be opened.  Business Insider suggested keeping your email subject lines between six and eight words total.

Keep in mind that people frequently read email on their mobile devices. Dmitri Leonov, SaneBox's vice president of email management services, told Business Insider that half of all emails are read on a smartphone. Because of the smaller screens, to ensure that the subject line's main idea is conveyed, put the most powerful words at the beginning.

Take advantage of the real estate you have. Pack a punch with your words and don't waste valuable space with filler words.

Be clever, but clear
A clever subject line will intrigue the recipient. However, Yahoo Small Business noted that clarity is more important than being witty and unique. You want a subject line of an email to relay the information in your message accurately. This will lead to more opens and clicks within the message you've sent out.

Pump up the urgency
Let the recipient know that the content is important and timely as you want the contact to respond to the call to action. Create urgency with the words you use the subject line. Give a deadline or include specific words or phrases that demand immediate attention. However, certain words and phrases will get caught by spam filters and will cause the email to never make it to the in box. Some of these words include: 

  • Percent off 
  • Millions 
  • Urgent 
  • Free 
  • Dear 

In addition, it is a good idea to avoid all caps.  Also, don’t send large images with little text.  Either of these  will guarantee that your message will end up in the spam folder. 

Spend time thinking of a high-quality and effective subject line for all emails sent to customers and prospective customers. It serves as a first impression for the content of your message.

And remember, before sending any email blast, be sure to send yourself or a colleague a test message.  If you have an email account with more than one service provider, send tests to each address. 


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