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August 26, 2014 | Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

Email Marketing That is Seen in the Inbox

If you're a winery running an online store, the chances are you're still running email as your primary source of wine marketing. With proper and intelligent strategies put in place, your return on investment could exceed 4,300 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. However, if you're running an email campaign for the first time, you're probably concerned that you won't hit the mark the way you want to and you won't gain enough customers out of your latest vintage of Muscat blanc. With proper resourcefulness and constant vigilance in delivery, your email marketing will draw in customers rapidly.

The template to success
While there are several different aspects to a good e-mail marketing campaign, sometimes the most basic components need the most focus, Consider how the message looks, for example. A good format should be like a good wine label: Clean and appealing. Without a great or even decent template to place your promotions and offers, customers will get confused and probably ignore your messages.

Marketing expert Dave Collins suggests a few important things to consider when setting up the format. For one thing, having a consistent template is incredibly important. With a similar look and feel for all your content, your customers will instantly recognize you as a wine merchant and know what you're selling. It also makes it far easier and less tedious to write new offers and send them. Following this, you should have the email available in HTML and plain text formats. Some email clients still have trouble reading HTML messages, so it's good to have plain text as a backup.

Staying away from the dregs
The most unfortunate fate for your well-crafted email about a new bottle of chenin blanc is that your reader never sees it because it landed in the junk or spam folder of their inbox. Only through a well-rounded infrastructure can you really get around this problem. MarketingProfs advises that your delivery be customized for each major ISP and web-based email host such as Gmail and Yahoo. That means using custom SMTP settings, reacting to deferral messages and adjusting connections. Signing up for feedback loops from ISPs is also helpful, so you can learn if one of your recipients files a spam complaint and cut them off before the ISP cuts you off. With this combination, you can weather a delivery and get results in the form of sales.


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