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August 14, 2014 | eCommerce , Email Marketing , Merchandising | Sheri Hebbeln

Email Marketing Helps Online Wine Sales

Nationwide, more states are passing legislation allowing direct-to-consumer online wine sales.  Now wineries and wine clubs are looking at ways to increase sales through traditional and up-and-coming sales disciplines.

Social media is a good marketing tool
Savvy online wine merchants are turning to social media outlets to get their message out. A Multi-Channel Merchant Report said sites like Facebook make a great platform for marketing new products, and Pinterest and Twitter are also seeing increased wine marketing presence. MCM conducted a poll and found that almost 92 percent of those who responded said they had an active presence on Facebook with just over 74 percent saying they used Twitter regularly, while Pinterest came in at a little more than 50 percent presence on the site.

Ryan Gripp is a marketing manager for a cosmetics firm, and he explained the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

"With Twitter, users can follow your brand and you do not need to follow them back," Gripp said. "Facebook is a very important social network, and we have found amazing results using re-marketing aligned with targeted Facebook ads. Facebook isn't cool anymore for young adults; rather Facebook has shown a much higher demographic toward our older customers."

Knowing the platforms can bring success
Social media users have fairly predictable habits about when they use the Internet for work, business, fun and shopping. An Entrepreneur Magazine article outlined some tips for marketing managers about how to best utilize social media for positive marketing response. Using the right message for the social platform is critical to getting the best response from consumers. Running a test on each social media outlet to see what potential customers like best is a good measuring stick for the effort and resources a company should invest in a particular platform.

An Exact Target report showed that 91 percent of consumers indicated that they used email on a daily basis. How does that impact ecommerce? Entrepreneur said that email is preferred by many customers, and having a sign-up form on the website or social media sites can bring a company more customers who are willing to buy product because they were intrigued by marketing and advertising offers seen there.

Attracting potential customers with incentive offerings on social media is another way wineries and wine clubs can sell wine online and ship it hassle-free to a discerning customer base.


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