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June 9, 2015 | Resources and Tools | Joanne Grantz

ERP Software lays the foundation

Running a winery is a rewarding but very busy life. One moment you're inspecting the latest harvest of chardonnay grapes, the next you are tasting the new batch of pinot noir, and then you're talking customers in your tasting room.  Keeping track of the details - from inventory to operations to taxes - can be overwhelming. 

Not just for the big boys
When you think about ERP, you may think of giant warehouses and assembly lines. That can be one way of seeing ERP.  Wineries, as a result, may find the idea of such a system to be too distant from the vineyards and tasting rooms that surround them. However, with so many different features and customizations available today, you may find that you will gain major advantages using program that is tailor-made to address your everyday processes.

Consider this. How do you sell your wine? You obviously do it by the bottle or case. But to many state governments, your sales are expressed by the gallon. That can create complications in your reporting, especially if you have to convert by hand the number of bottles equal to a gallon or run it through a spreadsheet program. With a wine-based ERP program, all you have to do is input your sales on a regular basis. Then, when it comes time to file a Sales Gallonage Report for tax purposes, the program will automatically convert all sales from bottles and cases, and prints out the results. One incredibly tedious exercise is now simplified.

You can also generate reports on just how successful sales of a particular vintage have been. You can determine if a new blend is doing well, or when a specific varietal hasn't been selling as well. The sales reports can allow you to plan ahead for the coming seasons, and help determine what you should give wine club members and tasting room customers.

Getting all the bottles right
There are other advantages in using wine-based ERP software, including inventory and warehouse management. Manage budgets, track vineyard costs create and consolidate reports and look at trends and relationships in your business. 

Along with inventory and quality control, warehouse management becomes much easier with wine ERP. With this system, you can have a consistent count on how many bottles and cases you have left of a given vintage and how quickly a given wine is being depleted and share this data across your organization.  As a result, everyone is on the same page and using the same data regarding your winery’s performance.


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